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Best time to visit Barbados

Garrison Savannah

A historical venue offers horse racing and an array of diverse entertainment

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The Garrison Savannah racetrack, just outside Bridgetown, is mainly known for horse racing organized by Barbados Turf Club. Yet, this location is a real hub of activity, with parades, concerts, and various festivities. Additionally, the ancient buildings surrounding the venue can tell you about Barbados' military history.

Barbados Turf Club horse racing

Barbados Turf Club holds horse racing events at the Garrison Savannah throughout the entire year. Generally, the competitions fall into three main seasons: January to April, May to September, and November to December. In total, about 185 races and 25 race meetings happen throughout the seasons, with the premier sporting event being Sandy Lane Barbados Gold Cup. This prestigious occasion draws thoroughbred owners, jockeys, and trainers from all over the world.

Garrison Savannah race dates

All horse racing dates, tickets, and admission information is available at Barbados Turf Club's racing calendar. You are welcome to follow the action from the stands of the Garrison Savannah or lounge in the shade of trees lining the track. Also, make sure to sample some of the finest Barbadian delicacies, including fried fish, fish cakes, refreshing coconut water, and award-winning rums.

More events at the Garrison Savannah

Besides horse racing competitions, the Garrison Savannah hosts the national Independence Day Parade on November 30. Also, every Easter, the racecourse gathers families for a kite flying competition. Sometimes you can spot rugby or football teams training or playing at the Savannah, or even come to exercise there yourselves.

Historic Garrison tours

If you are more into history than equestrian sports, opt for a guided tour of Historic Garrison and its Museum and get to know Savannah's military stories of the 18th to 20th centuries. Visit the Main Guard House, the Clock Tower, the Barbados Museum, St. Ann's Fort, the military hospital, and George Washington House, a former residence of the first US President.

Where to stay

As long as you decide to visit the Garrison Savannah in Barbados, plan where to stay. The best accommodations nearby are featured on the map. You may want to make your bookings in advance, especially if you go in the high tourist season, December through April.

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