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Christmas in Barbados 2024

A perfect occasion to escape the winter weather and still enjoy the holiday spirit

Dates: December

Christmas in Barbados
Christmas in Barbados
Bridgetown during Christmas season
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Despite tropical weather, Barbadians love and celebrate Christmas time just as everyone else. The lasting holiday season starts in early December or even late November when locals start putting out their Christmas trees and dazzling lights as holiday tunes frequent the radio stations. By mid-December, Barbados bursts into Christmas cheer with a myriad of seasonal celebrations, including parades, concerts, and other traditional festivities.

Christmas celebrations in Barbados

Some of the most prominent festivities in Barbados happen in its capital city of Bridgetown. Its multiple Christmas trees and Christmas drive are a must. In mid-December, the city streets host a vibrant Barbados Cancer Society Float Parade. Also, if you're a true fan of caroling, attend the annual Rotary Club of Barbados Carols by Candlelight, taking place at the gardens of Ilaro Court, which is the residence of the Barbadian Prime Minister.

Christmas Day in Queen's Park (December 25)

On Christmas Day, the townspeople traditionally dress up in their best outfits and gather in Queen's Park for a morning celebration, running from 6 to 11 am. The main highlight of the event is music played by the Royal Barbados Police Force Band.

Boxing Day at Garrison Savannah Racecourse (December 26)

Lastly, on Boxing Day, which follows Christmas Day, those who have spared some energy head to the historic Garrison Savannah racecourse to enjoy the annual Stakes and Trophy horse races by Barbados Turf Club.

Things to do in Barbados at Christmas

If you crave more fun during the Christmas season in Barbados, consider holiday shopping which is excellent at this time of year thanks to extended opening hours and seasonal discounts. Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown will capture the attention of those looking for something different rather than traditional Christmas gifts. The city, in general, boasts some of the chicest boutiques in Barbados.

Additionally, you can enjoy a Caribbean winter while dashing through the surf, soaking up the sun on a beach, diving, or hiking. December weather in Barbados is just perfect for the outdoors.

What foods are served at Christmas in Barbados

You may want to make an acquaintance with a local and ask to join an authentic family celebration with traditional holiday dishes. Three highlights of the Bajan Christmas menu include great cake with dried fruit and liquor, a Scottish jug jug, and crispy baked ham. Another tradition is drinking a Christmas sorrel—a deep red juice served on ice with Barbadian rum. The treat was originally homemade, but now it is also sold commercially across the island.

Book a stay

When you plan a Christmas getaway in Barbados, remember that this time of year coincides with the high tourist season. Besides, many Barbadians living overseas return home for a holiday. Thus, plan and make your bookings in advance. After all, Christmas is also an excellent occasion to relax and have a good sleep, so make sure that comfy accommodation is reserved. Find the best options on the map below.

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