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Bavaria Christmas & New Year's Eve Shooting 2024

Prepare for a loud celebration with lots of fireworks, bells, and even firing guns

Dates: December 17–December 24 | December 31

Bavaria Christmas & New Year's Eve Shooting
Bavaria Christmas & New Year's Eve Shooting
Bavaria Christmas & New Year's Eve Shooting

If you're wondering how to celebrate New Year's Eve in Munich or in the state of Bavaria, we've got you covered! When visiting Bavaria during Christmas and New Year, be prepared to hear shooting guns. But don't worry, it is actually the sound of celebration—welcoming the Christkind, who brings gifts for kids. Salutes usually begin a week before Christmas Eve, and watching them is one of the most wonderful things to do in Bavaria during the holiday season. The men responsible for all that sound are called marksmen. They use black powder guns, hand-held, short-barreled saluting shooter, also known as Handböller. On Christmas Eve, the sound gets really loud between 11:30 pm and midnight. Large saluting guns shoot right after the church bells, reminding everybody it is time for a mass. This unique tradition dates back to 1666, but it is said to be even older. One of the best places to witness this old ceremony and celebrate Munich's New Year's Eve is Berchtesgaden village, which is 99 miles (159 km) away from the city.

On New Year's Eve, the story is quite similar. With firecrackers and fireworks, numerous shooting clubs and thousands of locals create real cannonades, especially closer to midnight.

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