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Krampus Nacht and Krampus Run 2022

This scary demon can frighten even adults, so be sure you are ready to meet Krampus!


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In the Alpine region, St. Nickolas Day is still celebrated on the 6th of December. And while most of kids are waiting for the presents and sweets, some of them are scared of an evil, scary, devil-like figure called Krampus. He comes with the darkness to catch and punish naughty kids. This beast-like demon with fur and goats' horns appears on the streets on the Eve of St. Nickolas Day. While St. Nick brings gifts and joy, Krampus gives the bad kids a whip and horrible nightmares. Some especially naughty kids are taken in a sack to Krampus's lair deep into the underworld.

If you are visiting Bavaria during the first week of December, try not to miss this centuries-old tradition called the Krampus Run. This is a kind of Krampus parade, where they roam the streets and search for bad kids. Usually, these are young men dressed in scary costumes, with carved wooden masks, huge horns, and long hair. Krampus also carries bells to announce his coming. One of the most famous Runs takes place around the Christmas Market in Munich. It occurs in early December from 3 to 5 p.m. Krampus may look scary, but actually they're quite harmless and the run brings a lot of fun.

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