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Best time of year to visit Prague

Shoulder season from mid-April to May and September to mid-October seems to be the best time to visit Prague. Pack a warm jacket just in case and book your room couple of weeks in advance. Spring is an excellent time to visit the Czech capital as it sees mild weather without troops of summer sightseers, Easter being an exception. Early autumn thins the tourist crowds and replaces sunrays with spectacular light displays of the Signal Festival in October. The city is usually overcrowded from June through August, so you might struggle to get a place in restaurants and hotels, but open-air concerts and cinemas make up for it. The brave ones visit Prague between November and February as this is the coldest time of the year. Winter offers some perks like major attractions with fewer tourists, more affordable prices, and Christmasy atmosphere with treats like Trdelnik.


Summertime River Cruise

May–September • activity

Enjoy the peaceful waters of the Vltava river and the glory of the old city

Open-Air Cinemas

June–early September • activity

Summer nights spent watching movies under the stars can be a fun experience

Vintage Cabrio Tour

May–September • activity

Feel like a 1920s silent movie star in a luxurious convertible

Beer Spa

November–March (all year round) • activity

Soaking in excellent Czech lager is absolutely hangover-free

Chilling in the Ice Pub

May–September • activity

Enjoy the winter atmosphere in summer and taste some strong drinks


May–October • food

This cake made of fresh seasonal fruit tastes amazing

Prague Folklore Days

July 18–21, 2019 • event

A great chance to see the caleidoscope of world folklore and cuisines

Beer Gardens

May–eary September • activity

Prague's summer heat can be beaten by cozy, shaded beer gardens found all around the city

Old Jewish Cemetery

January–February | June | September (all year round) • activity

Up to 100,000 people are possibly buried at this medieval cemetery, which is one of the most important Jewish historical monuments in Prague


Signal Festival

October 11–14, 2018 • event

One of the most visited events in Prague—Festival of Lights—attracts thousands of tourists and locals with its fantastic light shows

Matějská Pouť

late February–mid-April (TBA) • event

Try out all the rides and attractions at this family-friendly festival

Birell Prague Grand Prix

September 08, 2018 • event

Enjoy running through the city at night

Holy Week (Svatý Týden) & Easter

April 15–21, 2019 • event

Celebrate Easter with the real Czech spirit

Khamoro Festival

May 27–June 02, 2018 • event

Visit one of the largest Roma festivals in the world

Christmas Foods

December 24–December 25 • food

The magic of Christmas wouldn't be complete without all these delicious treats which give the holiday a very special charm

Easter Dishes

April 21–22, 2019 • food

The Czech are proud of their tasty Easter traditions


December–February • food

Taste one of the best winter treats Czech cuisine has to offer—a traditional sweet hollow cake

Volkswagen Prague Marathon

May 2019 (TBA) • event

How about trying things out in the most essential running event?