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Lennon Wall

An appropriate place to leave your name or write something meaningful on the famous Lennon Wall

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A simple wall on one of Prague's streets has become an exciting spot for expressing social and political views. Everything started with the first graffiti of John Lennon, a symbol of freedom and political & cultural struggle, and pieces of lyrics from Beatles' songs in the 1980s. Since that time, Lennon Wall in Prague has become a way to protest for local people, especially the youth.

In 1988, the wall was a place for a protest against Gustáv Husák's communist regime. Young Czechs underlined their disagreement and grievances against the newly-installed communist government, which led to a skirmish between them and security police on the Charles Bridge. This movement was known as Lennonism.

Some lyrics from Western pop songs, which were not approved by socialist authorities, appeared on the wall together with portraits of pop idols. Later on, the messages on the wall became more political. In terms of its significance, Lennon Wall is Prague's equivalent to the Berlin Wall. With hundreds of inspiring lyrics and positive messages, it's a symbol of freedom, peace, free speech, and love.

The wall has been repainted a number of times, but the Lennon theme still continues with graffiti portraits, songs, and peace messages. Nowadays, Lennon Wall is a famous place for leaving any sort of messages and small masterpieces for both tourists and locals alike.

Located in Prague's most central district, Praha 1, Lennon Wall can easily be reached from the Charles Bridge. You may even bump into performers recreating Beatles songs, helping you plunge into this revolutionary atmosphere. Also, just around the corner, there is a pub dedicated to John Lennon.

The best time to visit Lennon Wall

The best time to visit Lennon Wall is early fall or late spring, just after and before the peak summer tourist season. In September and May, the temperature is around 64 to 68°F (18 to 20°C), making it ideal for sightseeing without crowds of people.

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