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Rooftop Gardens and Farms

It may sound strange but even in a concrete jungle of New York City you'll find farms and gardens. Although they are a bit unusual!

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New Yorkers have found a great way to utilize rooftops and create green areas even high above the ground. Over the last years, hundreds of the city's rooftops were turned into either lush and cozy little gardens or farms that grow organic produce for local restaurants and markets. Farms like the Brooklyn Grange, Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, and Gotham Greens Greenpoint in addition to growing tons of healthy and organic vegetables and greens are known for hosting farmers markets and open houses. During these open houses, anyone can visit the farms and buy some fresh local goods. If you're looking for a place to rest from the city's, rush you should visit a rooftop garden. For example, the one at Waldorf Astoria is not only a beautiful garden but also an apiary for honeybees. The rooftop at Rockefeller Center is another place to admire the view. The garden itself is symmetric and well maintained, ​but the view of the towers of St.Patrick's Cathedral is just astonishing.

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