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Rooftop Gardens and Farms in New York 2024

It may sound strange but even in a concrete jungle of New York City you'll find farms and gardens. Although they are a bit unusual!

Best time: May–September

Rooftop Gardens and Farms
Rooftop Gardens and Farms
Rooftop Gardens and Farms
Rooftop Gardens and Farms

New Yorkers have found a great way to utilize rooftops and create green areas even high above the ground. Over the last years, hundreds of the city's rooftops were turned into either lush and cozy little gardens or farms that grow organic produce for local restaurants and markets. Farms like the Brooklyn Grange, Eagle Street Rooftop Farm, and Gotham Greens Greenpoint in addition to growing tons of healthy and organic vegetables and greens are known for hosting farmers markets and open houses. During these open houses, anyone can visit the farms and buy some fresh local goods. If you're looking for a place to rest from the city's, rush you should visit a rooftop garden. For example, the one at Waldorf Astoria is not only a beautiful garden but also an apiary for honeybees. The rooftop at Rockefeller Center is another place to admire the view. The garden itself is symmetric and well maintained, ​but the view of the towers of St.Patrick's Cathedral is just astonishing.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit New York to see the rooftop gardens and farms?

The rooftop gardens and farms in New York are best visited between May to September to experience well-established and lush vegetation. During these months, most farms such as the Brooklyn Grange and Eagle Street Rooftop Farm are open to the public. It is an excellent time for visitors to explore and witness the beautiful green spaces. Show more

Where are the most popular rooftop gardens and farms located in New York?

Popular rooftop gardens and farms can be found all over New York, including the Brooklyn Grange with two locations in Brooklyn and over two and a half acres of farmland. Other well-known rooftop gardens and farms are Eagle Street Rooftop Farms in Greenpoint, Gotham Greens Greenpoint, and Rooftop Reds in Brooklyn Navy Yard. Some bars such as The Jimmy at The James, Westlight, and The Ides also feature rooftop gardens. Show more

How can I visit the farms and gardens in New York?

Most rooftop farms and gardens in New York are open to visitors, with some of them requiring reservations, specific opening hours, guided tours, or special events during the year. For example, the Brooklyn Grange regularly welcomes visitors of all ages and offers open farm days with a wide range of fun activities. It is advisable to check the individual website or contact the farm beforehand to arrange a visit and learn about the policies and guidelines. Show more

What kind of produce can I expect to find at the rooftop farms in New York?

New York's rooftop farms prioritize sustainable and organic farming, growing a variety of vegetables and herbs such as peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, eggplants, and basil. Gotham Greens Greenpoint embraces hydroponic systems to produce delicious and pesticide-free leafy greens and herbs throughout the year. Additionally, some farms supply fresh produce to local markets, restaurants, and grocers, giving visitors access to purchase fresh ingredients. Show more

Are there any unique features of the rooftop gardens in New York that I can't find anywhere else?

New York's rooftop gardens and farms have unique qualities that set them apart, such as Eagle Street Rooftop Farms in Greenpoint, which not only functions as a farm but as an educational and interactive center, teaching urban farming, composting, and beekeeping. The Waldorf Astoria rooftop garden serves as an apiary for honeybees, along with its stunning garden and spectacular views of the city. Visitors to Rockefeller Center rooftop garden can marvel at the panoramic view of St. Patrick's Cathedral's towers in addition to stunning symmetrical garden. Show more

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