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Naivasha Flower Farm in Kenya 2025

Kenya has become one of the biggest exporters of roses that bloom year round

Best time: February

Naivasha Flower Farm
Naivasha Flower Farm

Every February flower farms in Kenya export millions of flowers globally to play the major role in the day of all lovers. The industry is huge, and emloys over 25 000 workers just for this one day. But, hey! What could be more rosy than visiting the rose farm on the St. Valentine's day?

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What is the size of Kenya's flower exporting industry?

Kenya has one of the largest flower exporting industries in the world, with more than 50,000 people employed and generating significant revenue for the country. In 2019, the country earned more than $800 million USD from flower exports. Most of these flowers are grown around Lake Naivasha, and the industry is dominated by roses. Show more

Why is February significant for flower farming in Kenya?

February is a significant month for flower farming in Kenya, especially for exports. This is the time when Valentine's Day is celebrated across the globe, and millions of roses are exported. In order to meet the high demand during this period, a lot of planning and preparation is undertaken. In fact, Valentine's Day contributes to about 30% of Kenya's total annual flower sales. Show more

Is it possible for tourists to explore Naivasha Flower Farm in Kenya?

Kenya's Naivasha Flower Farm is open for visitors to explore. About all flower farms around the area also accommodate tourists by providing guided tours of their facilities. Apart from watching how the flowers are grown, harvested and packaged for export, there are other activities available for visitors to engage in. These include horse riding, boat rides on Lake Naivasha and romantic picnics amongst the flowers. Show more

What are some of the other types of flowers that Kenya produces apart from roses?

In addition to roses, Kenya is also known for producing other popular types of flowers such as chrysanthemums, lilies, and carnations. Each type of flower requires different growing conditions that are found in different parts of the country. Kenya's near-perfect conditions for flower farming, including its high altitudes and equatorial climate, make the country one of the best flower exporters in the world. Show more

How do flower farms in Kenya have an impact on the local economy besides during Valentine's Day?

Flower farming in Kenya has a notable effect on the country's local economy throughout the year. This industry employs thousands of people and powers several local businesses. It also leads to an increased demand for various services such as transportation and logistics. Additionally, flower farming contributes to Kenya's GDP and provides foreign exchange earnings. Some flower farms also engage in corporate social responsibility programs that benefit the surrounding communities by supporting education and healthcare initiatives. Show more

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