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Wisconsin Cranberry Harvest in Midwest

Cranberry Country welcomes everyone to visit the harvest celebrations

Best time: late September–early October

Wisconsin Cranberry Harvest
Wisconsin Cranberry Harvest
Wisconsin Cranberry Harvest
Wisconsin Cranberry Harvest
Wisconsin Cranberry Harvest

Wisconsin is the largest cranberry producer in the U.S. This region is perfect for growing cranberries, having flat, sandy and acidic soil. Everywhere throughout Wisconsin,​ you’ll find cranberries fields as well as shops selling cranberry products.

Central Wisconsin features over 80 km of cranberry marshes. This is the place where you can learn the history and lots of interesting facts about cranberries and, of course, to taste the delicious treats made of it, like cranberry ice cream, cranberry pie, cookies etc.

You can find here unique farm tours and festivals dedicated to this berry. The best time to experience the Cranberry Country is in fall. From September till October,​ you can take a farm tour and enjoy the view of never-ending cranberry fields. Every year around 100,000 visitors come to Wisconsin during the cranberry season to visit the farms and enjoy the festival.

On the first Saturday in October, the Stone Lake Cranberry Festival in Washburn County, Wisconsin gathers over 30,000 visitors during one day full of festivities. Here you can see cranberry marshes showing off the operations. More than 300 vendors, crafters, and food sellers keep the guests busy and taken care of. Money collected during the festival goes to local youth and non-profit organizations.

Every year in early October, Eagle River hosts the Cranberry Fest. This family-friendly event offers cranberry food sales, arts and crafts, Cranberry Fest Souvenirs, a bakery, entertainment, and even Cranberry Fest 5K Bog Jog/Walk. More than 40,000 people attend the festival annually.

Practical info

When is the cranberry harvest season in Wisconsin and what activities can visitors participate in during that time?

In Wisconsin, cranberry harvest season occurs from late September to early October and visitors can participate in a variety of activities during this time. Farm tours are available to visitors who can enjoy the view of cranberry fields which seem never-ending, and festivals dedicated to cranberries are also held in Wisconsin. These festivals attract around 100,000 visitors annually. Visitors can also purchase various cranberry products from local shops, and can even join cranberry marshes' operations to learn more about the harvesting process. Show more

Where can visitors learn the history and interesting facts of cranberries?

Wisconsin has over 80 km of cranberry marshes in Central Wisconsin where visitors can learn the history and interesting facts of cranberries. In addition, visitors can find cranberry fields and shops selling various cranberry products everywhere throughout Wisconsin. Furthermore, farm tours are available to visitors, where guides share more information about cranberries and their significance in Wisconsin's economy and culture. Show more

What are some of the unique cranberry treats offered in Wisconsin and where can visitors purchase them?

Visitors can purchase a variety of unique cranberry treats in Wisconsin, including cranberry pie, cranberry cookies, and cranberry ice cream, among others. These treats can be purchased from local shops and markets, and cranberry food sales are also available during cranberry festivals. In addition, visitors can purchase other cranberry products such as cranberry juice, jams, and candles from local shops. Show more

When and where is the Stone Lake Cranberry Festival held, and what activities are available to visitors during the festival?

The Stone Lake Cranberry Festival is held in Washburn County, Wisconsin on the first Saturday in October each year. This one-day festival attracts more than 30,000 visitors who can enjoy activities such as visiting cranberry marshes and learning about the harvesting process, browsing and purchasing products from over 300 vendors and crafters, and indulging in delicious cranberry food. The festival also supports local youth and non-profit organizations with the money collected from the festival. Show more

What activities are offered at the Eagle River Cranberry Fest, and how many visitors attend the festival each year?

The Eagle River Cranberry Fest is held every year in early October and offers many family-friendly activities to its visitors, including cranberry souvenirs, bakery items, crafts, entertainment, food sales, and even a 5K Bog Jog/Walk. Over 40,000 people attend this festival annually, which is known for its welcoming atmosphere and variety of activities to enjoy. Parking and accommodations are also available during the festival. Show more

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