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Pearl Seeding and Harvesting in Fiji 2024

Thousands of stunning pearls grow happily in their oyster shells

Best time: April–May | October–November

Pearl Seeding and Harvesting

Take a boat with a glass bottom or opt for a snorkelling trip and see thousands of ropes with oysters growing off them in many directions. Twice a year, during the seeding season which occurs in April-May and October-November, you will see how pearls are implanted and harvested from the oysters. Pearl farms are situated in the bay town of Savusavu on Vanua Levu.

Practical info

When can one find the pearl seeding and harvesting process in Fiji?

In Fiji's Savusavu bay town, the process of pearl seeding and harvesting can be witnessed twice annually. The seeding season falls in April-May and October-November. Visitors should confirm the dates with the farm beforehand to avoid missing the season. Visitors are allowed to watch the implantation and harvesting process. Show more

Where can tourists go to witness pearl farming in Fiji?

Fiji has multiple pearl farms with Savusavu on Vanua Levu Island being the most popular. These farms offer guided tours to tourists where they can watch the entire process of pearl cultivation and gem extraction. Some well-known pearl farms to visit include J. Hunter Pearls Fiji, Koro Island Pearls, and Savusavu Pearls. Show more

What is the method of implanting pearls in oysters?

An implanting process involves planting a small pearl bead and mantle tissue from another mollusk deep into the oyster during pearl farming. After implantation, the oyster is returned to a habitat in the pearl farm, where the pearl forms over time. Nacre layers will coat the bead over time, producing an iridescent pearl that is extracted for use in the jewelry industry. Show more

How are harvested pearls graded and sorted?

After pearl harvesting, there is a sorting and cleaning process. Sorting pearls by their shape, size, and color determines their value and quality. The AAA system, which inspects the pearl's surface quality, luster, nacre thickness, color consistency, and shape, is used to grade pearls. The highest-quality pearls are round, with high luster, and a flawless surface with no visible blemishes or spots. Show more

What are the unique varieties of pearls one can find only in Fiji?

Fiji hosts its own unique species of pearls called the Fiji Pearls. These pearls are renowned for their size and luster, making them among the most beautiful in the world. These pearls are available in black, gold, and peach colors, and are formed through a unique process lending them unparalleled charm that distinguishes them from others in the market. Show more

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