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Bula Festival 2023

"Hello" everybody, Bula Festival in Nadi means a week of fun

Dates: August 4–6, 2023

A week-long Bula Festival is held annually in Nadi around July or August. "Bula" means "welcome" or "hello." The festival opens the door to visitors who are interested in Fiji's culture. It offers a spectacular carnival in the form of floats, music, and dancing. In addition, all the profits from the Bula Festival go to charities.

The Bula Festival runs for an entire week featuring delicious food, traditional music, and competitions. Everything takes place in both Koroivolu Park and Prince Charles Park, not far from Nadi Market. The event showcases Fijian multiculturalism: its Melanesian and Polynesian origins as well as Indian, Chinese and European cultural influence. Don't miss your chance to see an indigenous Meke dance. It consists of seasea - female fan dance and a meke wesi - male spear dance. A dance can tell various stories: about a war, a historical event or a personal drama. This dance is an essential part of Fiji's oral history.

Fijian music is quite eclectic with much of European and Asian influence. Some local artists mix Fiji language and English, traditional and modern instruments creating unique music.

During the event, you have the opportunity not only to learn about national traditions and customs, but also to try authentic Fijian cuisine, take part in various entertainment, and fun games. Every evening the festive venues hold different shows and themed nights including a yearly beauty pageant and the election of "Miss Bula."

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