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King's Birthday 2022

One of the most important and majestic celebrations in Thailand!


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The King's Birthday is a national holiday which is celebrated every year on the 5th of July. It's a significant occasion for all Thai people.

Once, the King's Birthday was celebrated in a very patriotic way with many parades, fireworks, cultural performances, and traditional music. Supporters of the King used to wear yellow T-shirts (a royal Thai color) and hold candles by expressing their honor, love, and adoration.

A very spectacular event of King's Birthday is Sea Turtle Conservation in Chonburi province. More than a hundred people gather together to release the turtles into the sea. Thai people believe that releasing animals as it's a step to a successful and happy fate. By the way, a turtle is a symbol of a long life. By releasing them, they wish their monarch to have long and blessed life years.

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