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Jewish Culture Festival 2024 in Krakow

Every year the historically Jewish district of Kazimierz turns into a time machine with the sounds of Jewish music

Dates: June 23–30, 2024

Jewish Culture Festival
Jewish Culture Festival

Kazimierz comes alive with the Jewish Culture Festival each summer, offering various events and activities. From traditional Klezmer bands to contemporary Jewish cinema, book fairs, public gatherings, and culinary delights, the festival showcases the diversity and dynamism of Jewish heritage in Krakow. This year marks the 33rd anniversary of the Jewish Culture Festival (JCF).


Embark on a journey of Jewish spirituality as the Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow kicks off on June 23, ushering in a new era of cultural celebration. Over eight days until June 30, immerse yourself in a diverse array of over 100 events, exploring themes such as the significance of the Shema Israel prayer and the profound concept of Ahava, or love, in Hebrew.

Festival guests can experience the soul-stirring melodies of contemporary Jewish music at the festival's main concerts, held once again at the Museum of Engineering and Technology. This year's lineup boasts 11 captivating performances, each showcasing a unique facet of Jewish musical expression.


All attendees can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Jewish culture in Kazimierz, a historical district nestled within Krakow's Old Town. With roots dating back to the 14th century, Kazimierz is a unique blend of Jewish and Christian influences, a living testament to the resilience and richness of Jewish heritage. Despite its tumultuous history, including the forced relocation of residents in 1941, Kazimierz has emerged as a vibrant cultural hub in Krakow, a place where the past and present intertwine.


Starting May 14, visitors can head to the official website to secure their tickets for the main festival concerts. Everybody can choose between individual concert tickets or opt for a pass granting access to all concerts and coveted seating in the VIP section. Pass holders enjoy a 15% discount on meals at Cheder during the 33rd JCF as a bonus. For donors, special VIP belts will grant access to all main and accompanying events. Festival-goers need to mark their calendars for June 10th, when tickets for workshops and tours will be available for purchase and registration for festival events will open.

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