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Summer Jazz Festival Kraków 2024 in Krakow

Spend this summer like no other at Krakow's biggest jazz festival!

Dates: June 29–September 1, 2024

Summer is the time to go to music festivals and enjoy the vibrant ambiance of hot air while listening to your favorite hits. Each year, the cozy medieval-vibe city of Krakow in Poland pulls in huge crowds of fans and the industry’s big names to celebrate jazz music.

Music Lineup

Going strong for almost two decades, Krakow’s Summer Jazz has already become integral to the Polish summer calendar. The event lasts almost two months, giving festival-goers just enough time to enjoy a lush draw of activities. It’s a truly star-studded event where you can enjoy top-notch jazz performances by famous stars and up-and-coming artists. The lineup is very rich, consisting of musicians like Lizz Wright, YaniKa, Mateusz Palka, and other talented performers from Poland and all over the world. All in all, the organizers have planned over 130 music concerts by more than 300 amazing artists. Beyond the music, you’ll have a chance to meet new friends, stroll around the streets of Krakow, and enjoy delicious local Polish cuisine.

Tickets & Schedule

Ticket cost depends on the venue and the performing artists. Each event and jazz concert requires a separate ticket, the cost of which ranges from 42 to 241 Polish złoty. Admission to shows in Kino Kijów is the most costly one on the list. The concerts generally take place at 8 pm or 9-9:30 pm each day of the festival.

Location & Venues

When it comes to location, everywhere turns into a venue. Summer Jazz Festival in Krakow is held in several spots, including the Philharmonic, ICE Krakow, Krakow Opera, Manggha Center, and Radio Krakow. Every venue has its own unique vibe and special meaning, letting you make the most out of the experience. Some events are also held in Globus Music Club, Kino Kijów, Radisson Blu Hotel, Piwnica pod Baranami, Harris Piano Jazz Bar, Alchemy, Stradom House, and Tenczyn Castle in Rudno.

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