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Cully Jazz Festival 2024 in Switzerland

One of Switzerland's greatest jazz fests welcomes you!

Dates: April 5–13, 2024

Cully Jazz Festival
Cully Jazz Festival

Take a one of musical promenade through the Lavaux vineyards at Cully Jazz Festival, sponsored by the Leenaards Foundation. This event is an annual festival of rhythm, soul, and the art of jazz that takes place in the charming lakeside village of Cully, Switzerland. Famous artists from all over the world come together for this extraordinary event, mesmerizing listeners with their soul-stirring performances and lyrical improvisations. The occasion creates an alluring atmosphere that draws music lovers and casual listeners against a backdrop of vineyards and Lake Geneva's glistening waters.

The Cully Jazz Festival's diversified lineup features traditional jazz, fusion, and experimental sounds for every taste bud. Thus, there is fun for everyone! So, don't hesitate to book your housing in advance–the city gets extremely busy during festival dates. In addition, feel free to visit the event's official website below for tickets & program information. Have fun!

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