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Duck Jazz Festival 2023

A coveted community event, making for a memorable Columbus Day Weekend

Dates: October 7–8, 2023

The Duck Jazz Festival is an annual ticket-free event, held in the Duck Town Park in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It traditionally runs over the Columbus Day Weekend in early October and is among the community's favorite ways to celebrate. The festival rounds up not only local artists, but also national and regional jazz musicians, making for a comprehensively disparate lineup. Beyond the world-class music, the event has an array of festive treats, offered by local eateries.

You can revel at the Duck Jazz Festival without splashing out. Besides free admission, the organizers allow visitors to take food and coolers to the festival grounds. Besides, you can come with your chairs or blankets. At the same time, seats are always available for rent onsite. Well-behaved dogs are welcome too. As for any limits, you are asked to refrain from bringing beach umbrellas or tents to prevent obstructed views for other festival-goers. Lastly, note that Duck Town Park is a smoke-free place.

The gates to the Duck Jazz Festival normally open at 10 am, whereas live music starts at 11 am. The concerts run on two stages, rain or shine. For more details, check the event's official website or Facebook (see External Resources at the bottom of the read). For nearby accommodations, please check the map below.

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