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XJAZZ 2024

The largest jazz festival in Berlin

Dates: May 6-12, 2024


Every spring, XJAZZ Berlin features about 80 concerts across a dozen venues in the capital of Germany, which is famous for its vibrant club and cultural scene. The festival focuses on contemporary understanding of jazz music and incorporates electronically improvised music and new classical music. It is such an awaited event in the famous Kreuzberg area.

XJAZZ was launched in Berlin in 2014 and has instantly become a significant and influential musical event. The festival's idea to strive for crossing boundaries in genres and geographical borders appeals to the cosmopolitan soul of Berlin. The program of the festival is usually full of surprises and unexpected contrasts. Concerts take place in techno venues, indie-rock clubs, punk locations, and even churches. Some sites have already become a tradition, including well-known clubs like Lido, PrivatClub, BiNuu, FluxBau, Monarch, and Prince Charles. Emmaus Church, which dates back to the 1800s with its prominent tower, has been one of the most stunning venues.

XJAZZ also provides an insight into the Berlin music scene. After all, local artists make up about 75% of its lineup. This is quite unusual for a German festival. A contemporary interpretation of jazz music offered by the festival has caused influence on Berlin's club and music culture.

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