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Pyronale Fireworks World Championship 2022

Witness a great fireworks competition where international teams try to get recognition of the jury and support from the spectators with their breathtaking pyrotechnic displays


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Every September, Maifeld area at the Berlin Olympic Stadium gathers pyrotechnicians from all over Europe to present their beautiful craft. The participating teams awe the audience with rather complex fireworks in a competition for winning the Pyronale trophy, as well as for impressing the viewers.

Experts and celebrities make up the jury responsible for determining the Pyronale champion. The victorious team receives the trophy designed by Jette Joop. During the Pyronale days, the audience has a chance to act as a jury as well and to vote for their favourite fireworks show of the evening.

The pyrotechnic competition includes a compulsory and a freestyle programme. For the compulsory part, the teams prepare two shows, with and without music. For the music show, contestants choose the colours of their preference, while the without music has a predetermined set of colours that participants have to follow. The freestyle programme gives teams the freedom to set up the show of their taste.

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