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St. Patrick's Day 2023

The bars and pubs of Berlin celebrate the Irish holiday with much enthusiasm

If you happen to be in Berlin on St. Patrick's Day, you won't be disappointed. The Irish National Holiday is celebrated in Irish pubs all over Berlin, and there is even a St. Patrick's Day Parade. In the pubs and bars of the city, there's plenty of Irish live music and the national drink of Ireland— Guinness beer.

Every March 17th the former Berlin broadcasting tower Funkturm lights up green. The 126-metre high tower located in Charlottenburg allso has an observation deck that is open for tourists on St.Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick's Day Festival Berlin

Kreuzberg hosts the annual St. Patrick's Day Festival and Parade, it was started by a small group of Ireland fans and Irish expats in 2011. The first parade took place around Görlitzer Park. But, since then it has turned into quite a procession. About 5,000 people march through the streets of Berlin dressed in green, accompanied by bagpipes and other Irish music. The parade ends with a large outdoor free concert. The St.Patrick's Festival in Kreuzberg also features film screenings, performances, sports events, whiskey tastings, workshops, traditional Irish dances, and literary readings.

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