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St. Patrick's Day Parade 2023

The real Irish vibe on Detroit's St. Patrick's Day parade

St. Patrick’s day parade in Detroit is rightfully considered one of the biggest Irish celebrations in the US, attracting around 100 thousand visitors annually. Even though the administration canceled all festivities due to covid in 2020 and 2021, this year’s event is expected to blow everyone’s mind.

Detroit’s parade committee plans to transform the city’s oldest and, we could say, most Irish neighborhood—Corktown. The administration also wants to turn Michigan Avenue into a home of Irish culture and traditions. So there will definitely be exciting things to watch in Detroit.

As usual, at the parade you’ll also see a lot of festive floats, color guard units, and marching bands. The celebration will start at 1 pm and will most likely be jam-packed with people, so you may want to arrive ahead of time.

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Last updated: by Nataliia Chaika