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St. Paddy's Day 2020

St. Patrick's Day in Chicago is definitely a party of a lifetime!

St. Paddy's Day in Chicago 2020 - Best Time

Max Talbot-Minkin

Everyone knows that the colour of St. Patrick's Day is green. But how many cities have actually dyed their rivers green? Chicago has been dying its river for several years now, apart from celebrating the day massively. The huge party that includes people from all walks of life, St Paddy's is something to look forward to!

St. Paddy's Day in Chicago - Best Season 2020

You can watch the river going green between Columbus and Wacker drives. Then festivities continue with St. Patrick's Day Parade on Columbus Dr. with many colorful floats and flags, bagpipes and of course lots of Irish beer.

Best time for St. Paddy's Day in Chicago 2020