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Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan

Sometimes nature disasters create unique spots like this amazing lake in Kazakhstan

Lake Kaindy

Lake Kaindy is one of unique nature wonders, which appeared recently. The earthquake in 1911 caused a huge landslide and created a natural dam, which was flooded with ice cold water. What once had been a forest turned into a lake. Freezing water kept the trees from destruction and even now the underwater forest looks evergreen and untouched.

When you come to Lake Kaindy, you see not only crystal clear blue water and snowcovered rocky mountains on the background, but also silver spears breaking through the surface of the lake. These spears are nothing else but trunks of dead spruce, which stayed green underwater, but the peaks dried due to weather influence.

This flooded forest is one of the unique landmarks of Kazakhstan. Lake Kaindy is located among a coniferous forest at the height of 2000 m above sea level in Kungei Alatau Mountains, in southern Kazakhstan. Its length is 400 m and depth is almost 30 m. The water in the lake is freezing cold even in the summer. Its temperature is never more than +6 °C. Although it's impossible to swim in it, you can enjoy the lake from a boat. This is also a popular diving spot that features an incredible underwater world with great visibility.

Practical info

When should one plan their visit to Lake Kaindy?

Visiting Lake Kaindy between May and September provides the best experience. During this period, the temperatures are mild, usually ranging from 15-25°C, and the trees in the surrounding forest start to bloom. This creates an exceptional backdrop for the blue-green hues of Lake Kaindy, making May an especially rewarding month to visit. Show more

What are the geographical details of Lake Kaindy's location in Kazakhstan?

Lake Kaindy is located in the southern Kungei-Alatau Mountains, which are part of the Tien Shan mountain system. This mountain range stretches through Central Asia and is situated at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level. Lake Kaindy is found in the Kaindy Gorge, which is part of the Kolsai Lakes National Park. The park is in the Almaty region of Kazakhstan. Show more

What caused Lake Kaindy to form?

Lake Kaindy was formed by a large earthquake in 1911, which triggered a landslide. The landslide blocked a nearby riverbed, creating a natural dam and a crater. As the glacier and forest streams poured water into the crater, Lake Kaindy was formed. Eventually, the spruce trees around the lake fell into the water and were preserved, leaving the stunning submerged forest environment that is visible today. Show more

What is the depth of Lake Kaindy?

Lake Kaindy's depth can reach up to 30 meters at its deepest. The lake is roughly 400 meters long and is surrounded by high rocky mountains, which are snow-covered most of the year. Even though the water temperature ranges from 4-8°C and is freezing, divers frequently visit Lake Kaindy due to the unique underwater forest environment and exceptional visibility in the water. The lake diving provides a mesmerizing experience for its enthusiasts. Show more

What makes diving in Lake Kaindy attract divers worldwide?

Lake Kaindy is a popular spot for divers, thanks to the remarkable and well-preserved submerged forest environment, underwater crystal-clear visibility of 10-15 meters, and exciting marine life. Ancient trees submerged in water still appear green and sharp, and the tips of these trees have cultivated freshwater sponges, algae, and mosses. The lake's diving experience is unique, and visitors will get to experience a perfect blend of natural underwater flora and fauna. Show more

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