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Black & White Aragvi Rivers

Visit one of Georgia's natural wonders


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The White and Black Aragvi rivers are one of the finest tourist attractions in Georgia. The special thing about the rivers is that they are of different colors (black and white), which don’t mix together. This way, you see a breathtaking contrast, created by mother nature.

The White Aragvi (Tetri Aragvi) river flows from Gudauri to Pasanauri, and this town is where it meets the Black Aragvi (or Shavi Aragvi). Pasanauri marks the point from which the two rivers flow together as a single black-and-white stream known as “The Aragvi.” The Aragvi is quite long-70 miles (112 km) in length and is covered with slate, limestone, and sandstone. The amazing thing about the Aragvi is that it is not only incredibly picturesque but also pretty helpful to the local people because it provides a 23 mile (37 km) drinking water pipeline in Tbilisi.

The best time to visit

You can visit the Aragvi during any time of year, but if you want to get the best experience with lush greenery and warm weather, we suggest going there sometime between April and October. During this period, the weather is not too hot, and yet you can still witness amazing Georgian nature. So remember to book your accommodation in advance (the map below offers potential housing options) as the area gets quite busy this time of year.

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