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Exploring Tusheti in Georgia 2024

Tusheti is one of the most picturesque high-mountain hidden gems of Georgia

Best time: June–mid-October

Exploring Tusheti
Exploring Tusheti
Exploring Tusheti
Exploring Tusheti

Explore beautiful and secluded high-mountain area Tusheti, which is only accessible throughout a very limited period of June to early October. The nerve-shattering 2900 meter Abano pass, a single road leading to Tusheti, will make it a spectacular journey for you. The region is full of ancient stone shrines, spectacular heights, and pristine nature. In the summer, you will also witness flocks of sheep and other cattle enjoying the ​warm and dry weather. A truly marvelous place, Tusheti is a hidden treasure of​ Georgia.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Tusheti in Georgia?

To visit Tusheti, go between June and mid-October to avoid the winter snowfall. The warm weather conditions during this time will enable you to navigate the road to Tusheti and other mountain passes without any trouble. During the summer, you can watch cattle enjoy the lush grass, while in autumn, the foliage bears an array of colors. Spring and winter periods may not be ideal when heavy snowfall hits, making the location inaccessible. Show more

How do I reach Tusheti, and what is my transportation option?

To get to Tusheti, drive via the only accessible road on the 2900 meters Abano Pass, which is open between June and early October. Rent a jeep or take a shared taxi from Tbilisi to Tusheti, costing about 100-150 GEL per person. You can also join a group tour that accommodates transport, food, and board. The transportation duration takes around 7-8 hours. Show more

What are the must-visit places in Tusheti besides the Abano pass?

Besides the Abano Pass, Tusheti offers several hidden gems worth exploring. Visit primeval settlements in Omalo and Dartlo, featuring ancient stone houses, stunning towers, and the rushing waters of Gometsari Alazani River. You can also visit Keselo Towers, initially built for defensive military purposes, and the Diklo fortress, which served as protection for Omalo in the 16th century. Show more

Where can I stay in Tusheti, and what are the accommodation options available?

You'll find a range of accommodation options in Tusheti, including local guesthouses, campsites, and high-end hotels. Experience traditional Tushetian living with an authentic stay in a house. A room typically costs 50-70 GEL per person, and meals are included. Trekking or camping can add to your adventure experience by bringing your tent and camping overnight. Luxury travelers can choose high-end hotels with extra amenities like spas, pools, and outdoor restaurants, charging around 350-400 GEL per room. Show more

What are the typical local dishes I should try while exploring Tusheti?

As you explore Tusheti, try their renowned local cuisine, which includes Kotori and Guda cheese. Kotori is a cold, soft cheese served as starters or with meat-stuffed dumplings called Khinkali. Guda Cheese is made from sheep's milk and served with Georgian bread, Shotis Puri, baked in clay ovens. You can also sample Tushetian lamb stew Khinkali stuffed with potato or cheese and beef Chashushuli made with spices and vegetables. Do not leave Tusheti without sampling locally sourced honey and jams! Show more

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