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Hiking in Taiwan

Hiking in Taiwan offers everything: from hot, sub-tropical jungle at lower elevations to snow-capped peaks in the winter months. Yet, the best time for hiking is autumn

Best time: September–November


Taiwan has a well-established network of hundreds of hiking trails, and the majority do not require a guide. Hiking tracks are rarely crowded, and visitors are more likely to meet rambling locals than other international visitors. The best time for hiking is autumn because of the ideal weather conditions.

The choice of hiking routes is vast: ranging from gentle walks to extreme treks and different climates from tropical to alpine. Here are some of the most popular trails: Wuling Sixiu Trail, Shei-Pa National Park (north Taiwan). It takes 3-4 days and is one of the most challenging.

Zhuilu Old Trail—one of the most spectacular and accessible hiking paths in Taiwan.

The Beidawushan Trail (south Taiwan) which is 10 km in length, is one of the most popular overnight hikes in Taiwan, as the majority of the trail is easy to follow and it promises some incredible panoramic views.

The Yushan Peaks Trail, Yushan National Park (west Taiwan is incredibly popular with visitors as it is suitable for anyone of average fitness.

Sandiaoling Trail has waterfalls in addition to the beautiful scenery.

Practical info

When is the best season for trekking in Taiwan?

The ultimate trekking season for Taiwan is from September to November because of the ideal weather conditions. During these months, hikers get to experience cooler temperatures, less humidity, and breathtaking fall foliage while enjoying the hiking trails. These months offer hikers the perfect conditions to enjoy Taiwan's natural landscapes. Show more

What are some of the most popular trails in Taiwan for hiking?

Taiwan's hiking network is enormous, offering diverse trails from easy walks to extreme treks for adventurers. The Wuling Sixiu Trail, Shei-Pa National Park, the Zhuilu Old Trail, the Beidawushan Trail, the Yushan Peaks Trail, and the Sandiaoling Trail are some of the most popular Taiwan hiking trails known for their stunning views and unique landscapes. Show more

How challenging is the Wuling Sixiu Trail?

The Wuling Sixiu Trail is one of the toughest hiking trails in Taiwan, taking at least 3-4 days to complete. This trail provides amazing views and landscapes, but it's only recommended for experienced hikers as it includes steep inclines, rocky terrain, and difficult paths. To hike the Wuling Sixiu Trail, one must be well-prepared with enough food and suitable clothing due to changing weather conditions. Show more

Do the hiking trails get overcrowded in Taiwan?

Taiwan's hiking trails are not always crowded, and travelers may meet locals rather than international visitors. There are hundreds of hiking trails, most of which don't require a guide, offering visitors an opportunity to avoid crowds found on popular trails. Hiking weekdays will likely reduce the number of people on the trails. Show more

Which hiking trail in Taiwan is suited for someone with average fitness levels?

The Yushan Peaks Trail in Yushan National Park is one of the most popular Taiwan hiking trails suitable for anyone with moderate fitness levels. The peak offers incredible views, and the trek doesn't require advanced hiking skills. The trail is well-maintained, and the paths are easy to follow, making it a great way to explore Taiwan's natural surroundings without overstretching oneself. Show more

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