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Lefka Ori Hike (The White Mountains) in Crete

These snowy mountains are waiting for you in sunny Crete

Best time: May–October

Lefka Ori Hike (The White Mountains)
Lefka Ori Hike (The White Mountains)
Lefka Ori Hike (The White Mountains)
Lefka Ori Hike (The White Mountains)

The most beautiful attraction located in the west part of Crete is Lefka Ori, also called the White Mountains. The mountains are made of limestone, and can be covered by snow till the beginning of summer. The highest summit is Pachnes with an altitude 2,453 m. Besides, there are lots of summits with altitudes of more than 2,000 m.

The area of Lefka Ori is pretty isolated, and there are not a lot of ways to get there. One option is through the small village of Omalo, the entering point of the Samaria gorge, and the road to Chora Sfakion. While trekking, follow the footpaths created by shepherds in order not to get lost.

Lefka Ori offers unique varieties of wildflowers, beautiful landscapes, and more than 50 gorges and ancient caves. This trek is definitely not easy, and it can take more than two days, so be prepared! Check the equipment you will need there, namely comfortable hiking clothes and shoes, a map, and don't forget about water—take as much as possible.

Although one can hike to Lefka Ori all year round, the most convenient time is May through October, when most shelters are open. Summers could be too crowded, while winters are notorious for dangerous torrents, and hence this season is not recommended for hiking. Late spring and early autumn are the best for few crowds and pleasant weather. If you are going to travel there during spring you will have the chance to see snowcaps on Lefka Ori. Besides, May is the peak of wildflower season!

Practical info

When is the best time to hike the White Mountains in Crete?

The White Mountains in Crete are best hiked from May to October, when the weather is stable, and most shelters are open. Summer months could have crowds, and winters could be dangerous due to torrents. For fewer crowds but excellent weather, the best time is early autumn or late spring. May is the wildflower season's peak, and spring is when snowcaps dot the mountain peaks. Show more

What is the altitude of the highest summit in Lefka Ori, Crete?

Peaking at 2,453 meters, Pachnes is the highest summit in the Lefka Ori, Crete. There are many other peaks above 2,000 meters in the range, but Pachnes stands tallest. Show more

How can I get to Lefka Ori in Crete?

Lefka Ori in Crete can be approached via the village of Omalo, Samaria Gorge's entry point, and then taking the Chora Sfakion road. This destination is in a relatively remote area and may be accessed in few ways. Trekking hikers should use shepherd footpaths to avoid getting lost. Show more

What equipment do I need to prepare for the Lefka Ori hike in Crete?

Hiking officials advise that you use appropriate equipment to trek Lefka Ori in Crete. Necessary equipment includes appropriate hiking clothes and shoes, ample water, and a map. Visitors may not find places to purchase equipment, so they should carry everything that requires. Hikers may also need trekking poles, backpacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats. Show more

What is the best time to visit if I want to see wildflowers in Lefka Ori?

May is the best time to see wildflowers in Lefka Ori, Crete. This is the peak season for blooming tulips, crocuses, irises, orchids, and many more. For snowy mountain peaks, go during the spring season. For the perfect weather with fewer visitors, visit in late spring or early fall instead of peak season in summers. Show more

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