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Hiking in Montenegro

Beautiful Balkan landscapes are waiting for you! Accept the challenge and participate in a one-week hiking tour along the coast or choose your own route.

Best time: April–October


Montenegro is a real paradise for alpinists and hikers! It is possible to hike throughout the whole year, but the warm time of the year is more favourable. One of the most popular hikes runs across the so-called Coastal Transversal route, through all the mountains along the seaside—from Orjen mount near Herceg Novi to the Lovćen National Park. The spectacular landscapes of this route may remind you of a magical mix of Alps and famous Norwegian fjords. They can capture your mind and won't let you look away. One more wonderful route is a track called "Circuit to Korita" that leads to Grlo Sokolovo (Falcon's Throat). It is 65 km long, but you won't regret it, the panorama of Cijevna Canyon and Albanian Prokletije Mountains ​from the viewing point is something unbelievable. A hiking trip with a tent is perhaps one of the best things you can do in Montenegro so that you will remember it your whole life.

Practical info

What is the optimal period for hiking in Montenegro?

Hiking in Montenegro is best enjoyed from April to October as the weather is warm and the natural scenery is breath-taking. While hiking is feasible all year round, hikers ought to prepare for significantly colder temperatures and sporadic snow from November to March. Show more

Which hiking trails are most preferred in Montenegro?

One of the most popular hiking routes in Montenegro is the Coastal Transversal route, spanning across all mountains along the seaside, from Orjen to Lovćen National Park. The 'Circuit to Korita' track is another well-known track ideal for hiking, which leads to Grlo Sokolovo. The 65 km trail offers a mesmerizing view of Cijevna Canyon and Albanian Prokletije Mountains from the viewpoint. Show more

What can be said about the Coastal Transversal route?

The mother of all hiking routes in Montenegro, the Coastal Transversal route, is 103 km long, running across all the mountains along the seaside from Herceg Novi to Lovćen National Park. The trail offers diverse landscapes of stunning beaches, historical stone-made fortresses and authentic Montenegrin villages, making this route incredibly popular among hikers. Show more

What's the length of the 'Circuit to Korita' track?

The 'Circuit to Korita' track is a challenging 65 km long trail. Hikers are awarded scenic views of Cijevna Canyon and the Albanian Prokletije Mountains along the way, making it one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Montenegro, attracting many hikers. Show more

What are the essential preparations needed for a week-long hiking trip in Montenegro?

Hikers planning a week-long hiking trip in Montenegro must equip themselves with appropriate clothing and gears required for hiking, including a waterproof jacket, sturdy hiking boots, and a backpack with sufficient storage capacity. It is also essential to research the terrain, weather conditions and possible hazards in advance. Since freshwater sources are limited on some trails, hikers must carry enough food and water for their entire trip. Additionally, preserving the environment is crucial, and hikers must carry all rubbish back with them on leaving and maintain cleanliness throughout. Show more

When is the best time to go hiking in Montenegro?

Hiking in Montenegro is great for most of the year, with April to October as the most ideal months due to the warmer temperatures and stunning landscapes. During the warmer months, flora and fauna are more vivid and inviting, making it perfect for adventure. However, hikes can still be done during winter, but they can be more challenging due to snow and ice on the trails. Show more

Where is the Coastal Transversal route located?

The Coastal Transversal route is found in the mountains beside the sea, stretching from Orjen mount in Herceg Novi to the Lovćen National Park. This mountain range is known for its picturesque scenery much like the Norwegian fjords and is accessible to hikers of different levels. Hikers must prepare themselves for steep inclines to test endurance, but the stunning panoramic views at the top are unrivaled. Show more

What is the length of the Circuit to Korita hiking track?

For those interested, the Circuit to Korita hiking track is an adventure worth pursuing, despite being a 65 km-long route leading to Grlo Sokolovo (Falcon's Throat). The journey may seem daunting, but hikers will discover the unique valley view and the history behind the moniker Falcon's Throat. Be prepared for a strenuous hike with many hurdles, but the satisfaction of making it through is inexplicable. Show more

What are some must-see landscapes along the hiking routes in Montenegro?

Hiking in Montenegro leads to awe-inspiring natural landscapes that will captivate any outdoor enthusiast. If you plan to hike in Montenegro, make sure you visit the Cijevna Canyon, Lovćen National Park, Skadar Lake National Park, and Durmitor National Park. These unspoiled places offer stunning views of mountains, waterfalls, and lakes that will remain imprinted on your memory for a very long time. Show more

Are there opportunities for camping while hiking in Montenegro?

Hiking in Montenegro is an opportunity to explore the great outdoors, and there are many opportunities available for camping. The chance to sleep under the starry night sky while exploring natural wonders of the country is an experience like no other. Remember to prepare for camping with the proper tent, sleeping bag, permit if required, and Leave No Trace practices to preserve the beauty of the environment. Numerous campsites are now available to ensure a comfortable and memorable experience. Show more

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