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Best time to visit Montenegro


Beautiful Balkan landscapes are waiting for you! Accept the challenge and participate in a one-week hiking tour along the coast or choose your own route.

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Montenegro is a real paradise for alpinists and hikers! It is possible to hike throughout the whole year, but the warm time of the year is more favourable. One of the most popular hikes runs across the so-called Coastal Transversal route, through all the mountains along the seaside—from Orjen mount near Herceg Novi to the Lovćen National Park. The spectacular landscapes of this route may remind you of a magical mix of Alps and famous Norwegian fjords. They can capture your mind and won't let you look away. One more wonderful route is a track called "Circuit to Korita" that leads to Grlo Sokolovo (Falcon's Throat). It is 65 km long, but you won't regret it, the panorama of Cijevna Canyon and Albanian Prokletije Mountains ​from the viewing point is something unbelievable. A hiking trip with a tent is perhaps one of the best things you can do in Montenegro so that you will remember it your whole life.

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