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Cijevna River and Waterfall in Montenegro 2024

It isn't necessary to visit Canada if you want to see the Niagara Falls; Montenegro has its own

Best time: March–October

Cijevna River and Waterfall
Cijevna River and Waterfall
Cijevna River and Waterfall

Montenegro's “Niagara Falls” is located only ten-minute drive from Podgorica. Although it is not as big as Canada's, this waterfall is still very impressive. In early spring, when snow in the mountains starts to melt, Montenegrin rivers become swi​ft and powerful. Cjevna River is no exception; moreover, it turns into a real waterfall with a powerful noisy flow and dozens of cascades. However, this period is not the best time for swimming; so if you want to plunge into a refreshing cold water after a hot day, go there in summer.

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Where is the Cijevna River and Waterfall located in Montenegro?

The Cijevna River and Waterfall can be found in Montenegro, and it is not far from the city of Podgorica. The waterfall lies in the Cijevna river canyon between Podgorica and Danilovgrad. This attraction is very popular among tourists and locals, and it is easily reachable by car or bus transport. Show more

What is the best time to visit the Cijevna River and Waterfall in Montenegro?

Visit the Cijevna River and Waterfall between March and October for the best experience. Nevertheless, the waterfall is accessible throughout the year. During the spring season, the river's swift flow results in dozens of cascades, making it a natural wonder. By summer, the waterfall is an ideal destination to swim and cool off during the sunny weather, which welcomes a considerable amount of tourists and locals alike. Show more

Can you swim in the Cijevna River during spring and summer?

Yes, you can safely swim during summertime in the Cijevna River when the water temperature is warm, and unnecessary rapid flow is not present. However, during the spring season, melting snow from the mountains causes the river to surge and generate powerful currents that can be hazardous to life, making the river unfit for swimming. It is essential to check the current water conditions before planning to swim to avoid dangerous circumstances. Show more

What is the drive time from Podgorica to the Cijevna River and Waterfall?

It takes approximately ten minutes to drive from Podgorica to the Cijevna River and Waterfall attraction. The waterfall is close to the capital city, Montenegro's Podgorica, and is easily accessible by public transportation and personal cars. For visitors, taxis and car rentals are available in Podgorica, providing them convenient transportation to the waterfall destination. Show more

Is the Cijevna River and Waterfall as impressive as Canada's Niagara Falls?

Montenegro's Cijevna River and Waterfall may not be as massive as Canada's Niagara Falls; however, it is still inviting and mesmerizing. The Cijevna River is famous for its thunderous waterfall, which features potent rapids and many cascades, attracting visitors, nature enthusiasts and photographers who yearn for awe-inspiring scenery. Whether to seek refreshing dip or to be mesmerized by nature's beauty, the Cijevna River and Waterfall is a fascinating attraction worth visiting. Show more

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