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Hermit Falls

A small waterfall in Santa Anita Canyon near Arcadia


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Disclaimer: The trail to Hermit Falls is closed due to the Bobcat Fire until April 2022. Please check with the Angeles National Forest website for updates.

The Angeles National Forest is famous for its waterfalls. However, people typically flock to larger Sturtevant Falls or Switzer Falls to experience the beautiful cascading waters. Hermit Falls is quite modest, but also significantly less crowded. It's a great swimming hole in the late spring and summer that will give you some coolness and relaxation after an intense hike. The 2.6-mile (4.2 km) round trip trail to Hermit Falls starts at Chantry Flat Picnic Area which is famous for its stunning views of San Gabriel Valley.

When is the best time to visit Hermit Falls

Hermit Falls, as most waterfalls in Southern California, depends on rainfall. It usually looks the fullest during winter months and early spring. However, most people use this waterfall as a swimming hole during summer. The water usually warms up for swimming in May.

What to do at Hermit Falls

Angeles National Forest has a diverse terrain with beautiful nature and lots of hiking trails. You can take a Gabrelino Trail to Bear Canyon Camp, Hike to Mount Zion or discover some more waterfalls in th area.

Where to stay at Hermit Falls

The area has many campgrounds. Some of the most popular are Spruce Grove Campground and Hoegee's Trail Camp.

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