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Heart Rock Falls in California

The power of water carved a heart in a solid stone. Such natural sites inspire and give hopes

Best time: March–November

Heart Rock Falls
Heart Rock Falls

Heart Rock Falls is famous not only for a tiny but beautiful waterfall but also for a perfect shape of the heart carved in solid stone. This heart-shaped pool looks like it was human-made but in fact, it's an amazing work of nature.

Usually, the waterfall flows next to the heart, but when it's almost full during the early spring, the water starts to flow through the heart as well. Summer and early autumn are also a good time for a hike thanks to flowers and fall colours.

There is a trail that will lead you through an easy 965 meters track right to the Heart Rock Falls. When you reach the overlook, it will get quite narrow and slippery, so be careful while taking pictures.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Heart Rock Falls?

The suggested timeframe to visit Heart Rock Falls is between March and November due to favorable weather conditions. During this period, you will delight in the beauty of blooming flowers, the colorful foliage of fall, and other natural settings that make the experience more fulfilling. Be sure to check the weather conditions before embarking on your journey. Show more

Where is Heart Rock Falls located?

Heart Rock Falls is situated within San Bernardino Mountains in California, United States, adjacent to Crestline in San Bernardino National Forest. The approximate driving duration from Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, and Long Beach is two hours, covering approximately 87 miles by car. Show more

What is the distance to Heart Rock Falls from Los Angeles?

Heart Rock Falls is approximately 87 miles from Los Angeles, and you can comfortably get there after a two-hour drive. You can access the falls by taking Interstate 10 East to CA-215 N/CA-259 N, afterward get on CA-210 East, drive for 14 miles, exit at Waterman Avenue, and then head north into the mountain. The rest of the journey is along CA-138 E. Show more

Are there any places to eat close to Heart Rock Falls?

Within San Bernardino National Forest, where Heart Rock Falls is located, there are no commercial structures. However, you can find fast-food restaurants, gas stations, and supermarkets in the nearby town of Crestline, which is around a 15-minute drive from the trailhead. Should you plan on spending considerable hiking hours, it is recommended to bring along your food and drinks, as there are no food vendors at the trailhead. Show more

Are there any dangerous animals in the area to be aware of?

Although hikers should always be cautious while hiking, the Heart Rock Falls area is relatively safe. The most common wildlife species in the area are black bears, which steer clear of human interactions. The major hazards to be on the lookout for are the risk of falls that can be occasioned by cascading waters or steep terrain and the likelihood of encountering poisonous snakes such as rattlesnakes. As such, it's prudent to remain alert and to wear appropriate footwear while hiking. Show more

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