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Waterfalls at Red Rock Canyon in Nevada

Not as powerful and wide as Niagara Falls, but still a pleasant surprise to be found in the middle of the desert

Best time: late October–early March

Waterfalls at Red Rock Canyon
Waterfalls at Red Rock Canyon

It is hard to imagine that the hottest US state of Nevada is full of natural waterfalls, but it is true! Several hidden waterfalls that can surprise you if you choose the right time. Depending on the season, you can be greeted with a trickle or a strong stream of water. Since winter is the period with most precipitation, the chance to see higher volumes at this time is much higher.

Lost Creek Waterfall is located in the reserve of Red Rock Canyon. The path to it is easy, suitable for both children and adults. You can even stand under this waterfall because the water in it is not very cold. The height of this waterfall is 60 meters.

On the way to the Ice Box Canyon Waterfall, you'll meet a few small waterfalls. It is very beautiful after the rain. Its height is nearly 50 meters. Trekking to Ice Box Canyon Waterfall passes through gorgeous Red Rocks, trees, cacti and wildflowers grow near it.

First Crack Fall is one of the smallest hidden waterfalls. It is located outside the reserve of Red Rock Canyon. The waterfall flows into a small pool in which fish and other water creatures live.

You can also hike to the Mary Jane Falls, a snow-fed desert waterfall. Depending on the time of year, it may be more of a trickle or possibly even frozen.

Also, check out Big Falls on Mt. Charleston between the limestone cliffs which fall into a water pool. At last, explore the 25-foot Kings Canyon Falls which is pretty easy to reach. In any case, seasonal waterfalls (usually the most colourful in spring and autumn) are a refreshing way to cool off.

Practical info

When is the ideal season to witness the waterfalls in Red Rock Canyon?

To attain the optimum experience of the waterfalls in Red Rock Canyon, the suggested time of the year to visit is between October and March, i.e., during the winters when the area experiences the most precipitation leading to higher volumes of waterfalls. Any other season might cause a downfall in the water level of some and even dry up entirely. Therefore, it is highly recommended to visit during the winter months. Show more

What is the height of Ice Box Canyon Waterfall?

The height of Ice Box Canyon Waterfall is roughly around 164 feet, which is almost 50 meters. Even though it isn't as tall as Niagara Falls, it is still a sight to behold. The trek leading to the waterfall cuts through breathtaking Red Rocks and involves several small waterfalls along the way. Post rainfall, viewing this waterfall is exceptionally lovely, and one can even cool off during hot weather by standing under the falls. Show more

Does the path to the waterfalls at Red Rock Canyon cater to children as well?

Yes, visitors of all ages can easily maneuver through the path leading to the waterfalls in Red Rock Canyon. The trail to Lost Creek Waterfall is easily accessible and not very challenging for hikers of all ages. It's worth mentioning that the water at Lost Creek Waterfall is not very cold, and visitors can refresh themselves by standing under the waterfall. The trip can create an exceptional experience for adults while also introducing children to nature and hiking with ease. Show more

What waterfall in Las Vegas is the simplest to access for tourists?

In Las Vegas, King Canyon Falls is the most accessible waterfall with a height of only 25 feet, located in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. The trek is not very challenging and feasible for all age groups. Tourists can also cool themselves off in the small pool of water at the bottom of the waterfall, along with the availability of picnic areas, where they could relish the scenic beauty and pleasure themselves with their family and companions. Show more

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