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Helen Hunt Falls in Colorado Springs, CO 2025

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Helen Hunt Falls
Helen Hunt Falls
Helen Hunt Falls in North Cheyenne Canyon Park, Colorado Springs, CO
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Helen Hunt Falls in Colorado Springs is a 35-foot (11-m) high waterfall on North Cheyenne Creek. The falls require only a short walk from the parking lot. However, visitors can take a more demanding hike which spans for 4 miles (6.4 km) from the bottom of Cheyenne Cañon to Helen Hunt Falls. This option affords an experience of the rich ecosystem at the base of Pikes Peak. With a great trailhead, hiking here is quite popular. In a visitor center, you can get all the necessary information about the trail as well as buy some snacks. As soon as you reach the top, you will open a view of the City from the Cañon.

When is the best time to visit Helen Hunt Falls

Helen Hunt waterfall is at its best when Cheyenne Cañon's water volume is at its peak and that usually happens between the late spring to early summer, or after a heavy downpour. In the winter, the frozen falls have another kind of beauty, but the trails can be very icy and slick.

Helen Hunt Falls facts

The falls are named after Helen Maria Hunt Jackson, a United States writer, and poet who became an activist in the name of better treatment of Native Americans by the U.S. government. Helen Maria Hunt Jackson died in San Francisco in 1885 and was buried in Colorado Springs.

Things to do at Helen Hunt Falls

First of all, chill and enjoy the view from the bridge at the top of the falls, especially if you decided to come here during fall. Pack a picnic to enjoy or, at least, bring a book along to read near the bridge at the top. If you'd like to hike more, you can continue on the route past the falls straight to the Silver Cascade Falls. The trail lasts less than a mile with an elevation gain of 200 feet (61 m). Although this trail can be a little steeper than the trail to Helen Hunt Falls top, it’s still an easy hike with benches along the way. Whether you are leaving from or coming to Helen Hunt Falls, it will be a good idea to take Gold Camp Road to explore the three large tunnels.

How to get to Helen Hunt Falls

To get to the waterfall, drive around 2.5 miles from the entrance of North Cheyenne Cañon Park. Then continue up the canyon on North Cheyenne Cañon Road, to the parking area at the base of the falls.

Where to stay around Helen Hunt Falls

There are a lot of places you can stay around Colorado Springs. Camping is not allowed in North Cheyenne Cañon Park. But if you need to camp in the area you can try Golden Eagle Campground, which is only 20 mins away by car.

Practical info

When would be the optimal time to see the falls at their fullest for Helen Hunt Falls?

Helen Hunt Falls are best viewed during late spring and early summer or after a heavy rain. The water volume at Cheyenne Cañon is at its highest during these times, making for a truly magnificent waterfall. The falls also offer a different kind of beauty in winter, when they are frozen. However, the trail can become a bit slippery due to ice. Show more

Who is Helen Hunt Falls named after?

Helen Hunt Falls is named after a renowned American writer and poet named Helen Maria Hunt Jackson. She was a strong advocate for the fair treatment of Native Americans by the US government. Helen passed away in San Francisco in 1885, and was buried in the city of Colorado Springs. The falls are located on North Cheyenne Creek and stand at a height of 35 feet (11 m), and can be easily accessed via a short walk from the parking lot. Show more

What is the level of difficulty associated with the hikes at Helen Hunt Falls?

The hike to the top of Helen Hunt Falls is generally considered an easy trail, suitable for people of all ages and skill levels. The trail requires only a quick walk from the parking area. Although less steep, the trail leading to Silver Cascade Falls is still classified as an easy one, and it features benches along the way. Both paths offer magnificent views of the elaborate ecosystem that thrives at the base of Pikes Peak. Show more

How much time is required to finish the Silver Cascade Falls hike?

The hike to Silver Cascade Falls consists of a trail which is less than a mile long, and has an elevation gain of approximately 200 feet (61 m). It usually takes around an hour to complete. This makes it a relatively short hike, coupled with stunning views of the area's diverse ecosystem. Benches are positioned along the trail, making it a perfect destination for novice hikers. Show more

Is it possible for visitors using a wheelchair to explore Helen Hunt Falls?

Unfortunately, neither the trails leading to Helen Hunt Falls nor Silver Cascade Falls are wheelchair accessible due to the terrain's unevenness and the changes in elevation. For people with disabilities, it may be challenging to reach the falls. However, the falls can still be admired from the bridge at the top, providing an amazing view of the area. Show more

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