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Toquerville Falls in Utah

A desert oasis in Southern Utah

Best time: March–November

Toquerville Falls
Toquerville Falls
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Toquerville Falls is a beautiful and isolated place. It can be only reached by a 17-km (11-mi) dirt road that can be covered on foot or by a 4WD SUV like Jeep. Toquerville Falls is located near the town of Toquerville, Utah. Toquerville Falls is a two-stage waterfall that is fed by waters from La Verkin Creek. The best time to visit the waterfall is from early spring through fall. Summers are the most crowded. Avoid going in winter or after rain, as the area gets wet and muddy.

The rugged road takes about one hour from Toquerville. To get there, take Spring Dr. from Toquerville that goes all the way to the falls. The first two miles (three kilometers) of the dirt trail are the hardest due to the abundance of boulders and rocks. Mind that the phone reception is poor outside Toquerville and there are very few people on that track.

In the summer, waterfalls are a great place for a picnic and refreshing splashing activities for children. There is a swimming hole in the lower section of the waterfall. Mind that its edges can be slippery. The water in the creek is not suitable for drinking.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Toquerville Falls, Utah?

Toquerville Falls in Utah is a must-visit spot from March to November when the weather is pleasant, and the drive is less hazardous. Avoid visiting after rain and in winters when the trail is challenging and muddy. Beginners should not attempt the trail leading to the falls, and note that the road is bumpy and unsteady. Summers are the busiest, so go accordingly to enjoy nature's pristine beauty. Show more

How long does it take to drive to Toquerville Falls from Toquerville?

Toquerville Falls is accessible to visit from Toquerville via an hour-long drive on a rough track that is challenging due to many boulders and rocks. The first two miles of the dirt trail are the bumpiest. As the reception outside Toquerville is poor, visitors should prepare beforehand and go cautiously while hiking. Get your sturdy wheels ready to embark on this exciting journey to witness the stunning views of the waterfalls. Show more

Is it necessary to have a 4WD SUV to reach Toquerville Falls?

While it is not necessary to have a 4WD SUV to reach Toquerville Falls, it is highly recommended. The trail is arduous, and the road is rocky and unsteady. The visitors should steer clear of the trail if they are beginners. One should keep in mind that it can be troublesome as the phone reception is poor outside Toquerville, and visitors must make necessary arrangements before starting this journey to Toquerville Falls. Show more

Is there a swimming hole in Toquerville Falls and is it safe for children?

The lower section of Toquerville Falls has a swimming hole that is quite popular among visitors, and it is absolutely safe for children. The scenic spot gives children a chance to play and splash water around. It is advised to be careful as the edges of the pool can be slippery. Visitors may want to avoid drinking water from the creek to avoid waterborne illnesses. Show more

Are there any other activities to do in the area besides visiting the waterfall?

Apart from visiting the breathtaking Toquerville Falls, visitors can explore the surrounding nature by hiking on the scenic trails that provide great views of the surroundings. Additionally, visitors can also plan a day-long trip to the famous Zion National Park, which is only around 40 minutes' drive from Toquerville. The Zion National Park offers fantastic hiking trails, picturesque views of red cliffs & unique landscapes, and the popular Narrows that are worth experiencing. Show more

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