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Frozen Waterfalls in Colorado

Colorado's gorgeous nature is especially impressive in the winter

Best time: January–February

Frozen Waterfalls

Those who think waterfalls should be visited during the spring and summer, have to see Colorado's fantastic winter falls. One of the most famous winter spots is The Fang, a 50 m (165 ft) tall waterfall in Vail. This waterfall is actually more popular in the winter than in the summer as many people enjoy climbing it. It is rather difficult though, and you need special equipment.

If you happen to be near Denver, you can see Bridal Veil Falls, located on I-70 past Idaho Springs. This is a very popular photo-op stop.

Seven Falls is called "The Grandest Mile of Scenery" in Colorado. You'll see Pike's Peak, granite Pillars of Hercules, and The Seven Falls are superb in the winter as it features seven frozen leaps down the granite.

Helen Hunt Falls is easily accessible in the winter as it plunges down Cheyenne Canyon and is located in just a mile from the parking lot.

Rainbow Falls is located just beneath Manitou Avenue near the lovely town of Manitou Springs.

There is also stunning Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs, which is definitely worth visiting. However, mind that it's a 3-hour drive from Denver and hiking to the lake might be rather tough in the snow.

Finally, it's pretty amazing to see a curtain of ice in Box Canyon outside Ouray. The ice resembles melted candles hanging off the rocks. There is also more entertainment in Ouray Ice Park to be checked out.

Practical info

When is the best time to see frozen waterfalls in Colorado, and why?

Colorado's frozen waterfalls are best seen during January-February because the icy landscapes and frozen waterfalls offer a unique view of the natural attractions in Colorado. Although it can be cold, these winter months mean fewer crowds, allowing visitors to experience the stunning scenery without the usual summer crowds. It's a challenging experience that's worth trying to see the breathtaking views of the frozen waterfalls. Show more

What is The Fang, where can it be found, and what is required to climb it in winter?

The Fang is a 50-meter tall waterfall located in Vail, Colorado. It is a popular destination for adrenaline seekers, but climbing it is already challenging, especially during the winter season. If you plan to climb it during winter, you'll need special equipment like crampons, ice axes, ropes, helmets, and other gear used for ice-climbing. Along with the specialized equipment, hikers and climbers must have adequate training and experience in climbing frozen waterfalls. Show more

What makes Rainbow Falls stand out among Colorado's waterfalls?

Rainbow Falls is unique because of its colorful history and location. The waterfall is situated just beneath Manitou Avenue, and its vibrant history includes being part of an amusement park built by the town's first mayor, Henry McAllister, in the 1880s. This park became famous for its minstrels and banjo players, and the Rainbow Falls was an essential element of its charm. Today, it is still a beloved attraction of Manitou Springs, Colorado. Show more

What should be considered when planning to hike to Hanging Lake during winter?

Hiking to see the Hanging Lake during winter requires proper equipment, especially if you are not accustomed to the climate. You'll need footwear with excellent traction, crampons, snowshoes, and hiking poles to keep you stable on the trail. While the ice formations on the trail may look stunning, they can make hiking challenging, even for experienced hikers. Lastly, you should pack enough food and water to last your entire excursion. Show more

Where is Box Canyon situated and what is unique about the ice formation at its falls?

Box Canyon is situated in Ouray, Colorado and is known for its scenic hiking trails, featuring the Box Canyon Falls Park Trail. The trail leads hikers to a stunning curtain of ice formations that look like melted candles hanging from the cliff. The unique ice formations make it a highly sought after attraction for visitors looking to marvel at the picturesque views of natural Colorado attractions and landscapes. Show more

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