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Skiing and Snowboarding in Colorado

Find out what makes Colorado the number one skiing destination in the United States

Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
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No other state can surpass Colorado in terms of skiing and snowboarding. With 28 resorts Colorado claims the largest and the most famous skiing spots in the nation with many hidden gems. Bright bluebird skies, tons of fresh, dry powder snow, and superb slopes make it a dream destination during winter months. Luckily, the skiing season in Colorado is longer than in other states. First resorts open in October, and by December the season is in full swing. You can enjoy skiing and snowboarding as long as mid-April or even early June. Judging from the number of ski resorts open, the best time to come is still from late November through to mid-April.

Aspen is perhaps the most iconic of Colorado resorts, a playground for the wealthy and famous. With four different ski areas, namely Ajax, Snowmass, Buttermilk, and Aspen Highlands, in one lift ticket system. Aspen offers a lot of diversity for riders of all levels. With fantastic grooming and efficient lifts, it's one of the best-equipped resorts in the US. If you appreciate après-ski, Aspen has a great ski town with great food and entertainment.

Arapahoe Basin or A-Bay is a legendary ski resort that draws a younger and more relaxed crowd than Aspen. The advantage of Arapahoe Basin is its high elevation which provides an extended season. It opens in October and stays open until mid-June or even July.

Vail is the biggest of Colorado’s ski resorts. Vail’s huge ski terrain covers 5,289 ac (2,140 ha). Therefore it provides quite a variety and a real challenge for skiers and snowboarders who will need quite a lot of time to explore it fully.

Telluride is a top ski destination in the United States with spectacular views and outstanding ski terrain, which includes 148 trails.

Breckenridge has North America’s highest lift. Its Imperial Express Super Chair reaching 12,840 ft (3.9 km). It's also the most popular ski resort in the US which means it can be rather crowded. However, its popularity is well deserved. World-class skiing over five peaks is complemented with après-ski at a historical mining town with an authentic atmosphere dating back to 1859. It also offers gourmet dining and plenty of other activities besides skiing or boarding, such as the Race of the Santas, snowshoeing, and riding the Breckenridge Gondola. Breckenridge is also known for its affordable lodging and abundant powder throughout the season.

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What is the peak season for skiing and snowboarding in Colorado?

The ideal time to visit Colorado for skiing and snowboarding is from late November to mid-April. During this period, visitors can experience dry powder snow and azure skies that combine to create a perfect atmosphere for winter sports enthusiasts. It is worth noting that some resorts can open earlier or stay open until June or July, but the peak season remains from late November to mid-April. Show more

What are some of the ski resorts in Colorado visitors can go to?

Colorado has 28 ski resorts where visitors can experience diverse skiing experiences. Some of the top resorts include the popular Aspen, the high-elevation Arapahoe Basin, the massive ski terrain of Vail, the scenic views of Telluride, and the powder-filled Breckenridge. Each resort offers unique skiing experiences and breathtaking views, making it essential for visitors to choose a resort based on skiing ability, budget, and preferences. Show more

How does Aspen differentiate itself from other Colorado ski resorts?

Aspen is a unique Colorado ski resort known for its iconic status, fantastic grooming, diverse ski areas of Ajax, Snowmass, Buttermilk, and Aspen Highlands, and efficient lifts. Its lively skiing area offers excellent après-ski entertainment and good food. Nonetheless, Aspen caters to a wealthier clientele, which is reflected in the prices. Visitors should, therefore, consider the overall cost of a lift ticket that includes all four ski areas if they plan to visit Aspen. Show more

Which Colorado resort has the longest skiing season, and why?

Arapahoe Basin offers the longest ski season compared to other resorts in Colorado. Its high elevation enables it to open in October and stay open until mid-June or July. This makes it an attractive destination for winter sports enthusiasts that want to extend their skiing trips beyond the typical season. Arapahoe Basin's relaxed ambiance and youthful crowd make it a nice place to socialize and ski during the off-peak season. Show more

What other activities can one enjoy in Breckenridge besides skiing and snowboarding?

Beyond skiing and snowboarding, Breckenridge also provides other enjoyable activities. Some of these include winter events such as the Race of the Santas, snowshoeing, fat biking, exploring the mountain and enjoying the views on the Breckenridge Gondola, appreciating local history by exploring the 1859 mining town's authentic atmosphere, and indulging in gourmet dining. These activities provide a well-rounded experience for visitors. Show more

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