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Paradise Cove

Enjoy a spectacular 35-ft (10.7-m) cliff jump

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Guffy Gorge, also known as Paradise Cove, is one of the most popular Colorado swimming holes, located only in an hour from Colorado Springs. It can be reached by a trail along Four Mile Creek, in about 10 mi (16 km) east of Guffey, Colorado.

A scenic trail surrounded by wildflower fields is just 0.5-mi (0.8 km) long. It is open all year round, but best used between May and September. Summer months are the best for a refreshing dip into the swimming hole. Many adrenaline loving swimmers are jumping from three granite cliffs surrounding the pool. However, it is a highly risky activity. There are many warning signs around the hole about the danger.

The path to Paradise Cove goes through the small canyon formed by West Fourmile Creek. The beginning and end of the hike can be a bit steep. The pool is surrounded by 100-ft (30-m) rock formations and shaded by beautiful ponderosa pines. Overnight camping and campfires are forbidden in this area.

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