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Radium Hot Springs in Colorado

A secluded relaxation spot nestled among the picturesque cliffs

Radium Hot Springs

Radium Hot Springs in Colorado is a natural hot pool located on the banks of the beautiful Colorado River not far from the towns Kremmling, Silverthorne, Eagle and Edwards, Colorado. The water temperature is about 26⁰ C or 80⁰ F. In the spring months, the pool often gets overflooded by the water from the river, which lowers the temperature. Thus, the best time to visit the Radium Hot Springs is roughly from June through November. Summer months tend to be busy, so come early to get a spot. Some visitors hike there in winter to enjoy the spring in solitude surrounded by snow-powdered landscapes.

Radium Hot Springs can be reached from Mugrage Campground on foot. The short but steep hike takes about 20 minutes to complete. The trail goes parallel to the river. Another way to reach Radium Hot Springs is by the Colorado River on a raft or a kayak. Once at the spring, take a dip and relax. Some people try jumping from the surrounding cliffs, however, it is dangerous since the pool is not that deep.

The natural hot springs are about a two-hour drive from Denver. Free primitive camping is possible at the Mugrage Campground or the Radium Recreation Site in about 1 km from Mugrage. It has pads for tents, picnic tables, and toilets.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Radium Hot Springs?

To make the most of your Radium Hot Springs experience, it is best to visit from June through November when the pool temperature is around 80°F. Keep in mind that during the spring months, the pool may lower its temperature as the water from the river can overflood the pool. Some visitors may choose to visit in winter to admire the picturesque snow-covered landscapes and soak in the spring in solitude. Show more

How to reach Radium Hot Springs from Mugrage Campground?

You can walk from Mugrage Campground to Radium Hot Springs and expect to be there in about 20 minutes. The trail is adjacent to the river. Alternatively, you can access the hot springs by boat via the Colorado River, either via kayak or raft. Radium Hot Springs is approximately a two-hour drive from Denver. Camping options include Mugrage Campground and a fees-free Radium Recreation Site approximately 1 km from Mugrage. Show more

Are there any safety concerns while jumping from the surrounding cliffs?

Engaging in jumping activities from the surrounding cliffs at Radium Hot Springs can be perilous and must be avoided. The pool's depth is not sufficient, and injuries have been reported from such activities in the past. To prevent accidents, guests should stick to swimming and relaxing in the pool. It is necessary to take note of the safety protocols posted at the site and to follow them carefully. Show more

How to book primitive camping at Mugrage Campground?

Reserving a spot at Mugrage Campground is not required since it operates on a first-come, first-served basis. To secure a camping spot, it would be best to arrive early. The campground includes tent pads, toilets, and picnic tables, but no running water or hookups. Visitors are accountable for maintaining the cleanliness of the area and ensuring proper disposal of their trash. Mugrage Campground does not have camping fees. Show more

Are there any other recreational activities near Radium Hot Springs?

Apart from Radium Hot Springs, nearby towns such as Kremmling, Silverthorne, Eagle, and Edwards provide excellent opportunities for exploration. The area has many hiking trails that visitors may explore, providing a beautiful view of the river and the surrounding mountains. Rafting and kayaking are also possible on the Colorado River. Winter visitors may enjoy hiking to Radium Hot Springs to immerse themselves in the snow-laden landscape. Nearby campsites include Mugrage and the Radium Recreation Site, both of which have no camping fees. Show more

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