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Island in the Sky

mid-March–late December • nature

At a place like this, you feel like floating on a huge island over the grand canyon and rivers beneath

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

mid-April–May | September–October • nature

Endless adventure, amazing scenic drives, breathtaking landscapes, and star-filled night skies. Discover the eternal beauty and wilderness of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

Sunrise Over Monument Valley

May–September • nature

Marveling at the sunrise is beautiful almost in any place, but when the scenery around is breathtaking itself, the view is majestic

Potash Evaporation Ponds

May–September (all year round) • nature

Anything you see in Utah is striking, and these bright ponds in the desert totally blow up your imagination

The Great Salt Lake

April–May | September–October (all year round) • nature

This famous lake is like the Dead Sea of the Western Hemisphere

Arches National Park

April–May | September–October • activity

Utah's landscape is charming and attracts tourists from all over to come and amaze themselves with everything they see. The Arches National Park is one of such stunning places

Capitol Reef Orchards

April (bloom) | mid-June–mid-October (harvest) • food

Enjoy the best fresh fruits for free among one of the most beautiful sceneries in the state


April–September (all year round) • activity

A perfect way to spend a lovely evening, especially if you are in the right place

Angels Landing

March–November  • activity

This hiking trail was created to awe with excitement. It's breathtaking, thrilling, and definitely worth a try

Alpine Loop Scenic Drive

late May–October • nature

Just a one-hour drive along this amazing scenic road will bring you the pleasure of seeing some of Utah's most stunning views

Pando, the Trembling Giant

September–October • nature

You've probably never thought that a forest can be a fake. Could you imagine the largest and the oldest root system in the world that creates clones of trees? This is not a fiction. It's a real living organism and it is found in Utah

Hike the Narrows

late May–September • activity

This hike is at the top of every adventurous hiker's list. Be amazed at the beauty of this canyon, the height of its walls, and breathtaking scenery all around

Cedar Breaks National Monument

late May–mid-October • nature

The amazing colors of Cedar Breaks Amphitheater, the short and easy hiking trails, and beautiful nature of the park attract thousands of visitors annually

Canyoneering in Zion National Park

April–July | September–October • activity

Zion National Park offers a wide range of activities for everyone. Canyoneering is popular among those with experience, but beginners won't be bored either

Dry Bonneville Salt Flats

late July–October • nature

The safest time to explore white infinity and the only time when you can drive

Rafting Season

April–October (best mid-May–mid-June) • activity

Whitewater rafting is a synonym of Utah. Choose the season that suits you the best and have fun on water

Brigham City Peach Days

September 05–08, 2018 • event

The perfect sweet taste and smell of freshly harvested peaches attracts tens of thousands of visitors annually

Migratory Bird Watching

late March–May |July–September • nature

Birding is becoming more and more popular and is often one of the main reasons people travel around the world. If you are a fan of birds, Utah has to be in your list!

Zion Rock Climbing

March–June | September–November • activity

Observing the marvellous landscapes from the peak of a mountain can’t be compared with anything else in the world, especially when you’ve climbed to the summit

Bison Watching

all year round • nature

Watching wild herds of bisons, walking around in large numbers attracts visitors to Antelope Island and the Henry Mountains

Dinosaur National Monument

all year round • nature

The beautiful natural scenery of this area could be the main reason to visit it, but it's also historical importance that makes this place even more attractive

Alpine Coaster

all year round (most popular in June–September) • activity

The largest coaster in the state offers a fun and exciting ride through great mountainous scenery

Utah State Fair

September 06–16, 2018 • event

One of the largest and most loved events in the state. Join the wild 11-day celebration with open-hearted locals


late April–September • activity

Catch some wind and share the sailing passion with other enthusiasts among the beautiful scenery of Utah's lakes

Natural Bridges National Monument

all year round • nature

These bridges are real magnets for visitors. They are striking during the day, perfect during the sunset, and create fascinating views of the night sky

Kolob Canyons Scenic Drive

June–October • nature

Discover breathtaking canyons while driving

Ballooning over Monument Valley

May–December • nature

Air ballooning is a perfect way to marvel at the beauty of any location from a bird's eye view. Utah’s stunning landscape is one of the perfect places to enjoy this breathtaking activity

Biking in Zion National Park

April–October • activity

Biking is a nice way to explore the landscape around. Utah’s parks are great places to enjoy this activity

Notom-Bullfrog Road

April–June | September–October • activity

This gravel road will take you along the most fascinating scenery in the state. Grab your camera and start an unforgettable road trip

Zion National Park

May–November • activity

If you are a serious hiker, this park can offer thousands of unforgettable trails, views, and backpacking opportunities

Dixie National Forest

April–October • nature

This large and beautiful national forest welcomes visitors

Cathedral Valley Scenic Drive

April–June | September–October • activity

Travelling in the gorgeous wilderness, complete remoteness, and inspiring beauty of sandstone and basalt formations, you'll be rewarded with great views and unforgettable emotions

Wildcat Trail & Monument Valley

April–June | September–October • activity

One of those places in Utah that make your heart beat faster due to its breathtaking scenery

Chimney Rock Loop Trail

April–early June | September–November (all year round) • activity

Take some inspiring photos in this iconic place with surreal scenery

Fantasy Canyon

April–May | September–October (all year round) • nature

Millions of years of formation created this amazing spot


all year round • activity

Utah can be easily called a fisherman's paradise, due to its variety of fishing opportunities and scenic spots

Devil’s Slide

April–October • nature

The most fascinating of Devil's Toys found in the area, and one of the most unusual geologic features in Utah

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

all year round • activity

Grab your favourite board and a tent, and discover the beauty of Utah in your own way

Homestead Crater

all year round • activity

The Homestead Caldera is one of the unique hot springs in the world. It should be on your wishlist while touring around Utah

Poe Canyon Adventure

April–May | September–November • activity

Have no fear and looking for an unforgettable adventure? Well, get ready for the most challenging canyoneering ever for professional groups only


Bonneville Speed Week

August 11–17, 2018 • event

Racing events have been held among these beautiful landscapes since 1912

Mystic Hot Springs

December–February | July 22–24, 2017 • activity

Feel free to bathe in a hot tub filled with rich mineral waters from a natural spring and enjoy the captivating scenery

Ice Castles

December–February • activity

One of the best ways to spend a winter day is to visit a magical ice castle

Antelope Island Bison Roundup

October 27–29, 2017 • event

This annual event draws crowds to the largest island on the Great Salt Lake. It's a unique experience for both the spectators and participants

Flooded Bonneville Salt Flats

November–May • nature

This unique and stunning landscape attracts visitors from all over the world to experience the unforgettable 'mirror effect'

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert

December 14–16, 2017 • event

One of the most famous choirs in the world is performing in its hometown. Don't lose your chance to hear them live

Sundance Film Festival

January 24–February 03, 2019 • event

The United States' biggest independent film festival is not to be missed by true cinema lovers

Pioneer Day

July 24 • event

Mormons from all over the world celebrate Pioneer Day but the greatest and most spectacular celebrations are held in Utah

Twilight Concert Series

mid-July–August • event

Summertime is always more pleasant to spend outdoors with friends and good music

Snow Rollers

mid-January–mid-March • nature

These huge white 'doughnuts' surely raise questions. Like, what is a 'snow roller' and where does it come from?

Wildflowers of Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest

April–August • nature

During spring this area is filled with amazing colorful wildflowers that make your visit even more memorable


November–March • activity

One of the easiest and most rewarding ways to explore the beauty of winter landscapes


December–March • activity

Snowmobiling in Utah is a great way to explore the beauty of this state with even more impressive winter views

The Maze, Canyonlands National Park

April–May | October–November • nature

Most remote and difficult trail can become a true adventure for hikers

Lavender Days

July 07–08, 2017 • event

A great occasion to enjoy fragrant purple fields along with other entertainments that include rodeo, a scenic run, and a plenty of farm activities

Rock Climbing

mid-March–April | October–mid-November • nature

Experience all known types of climbing at the most diverse terrain in the country

Winter Hiking

mid-November–mid-March • activity

Some lower trails are so hot during the warm season, that it is recommended to hike in the winter

Skiing and Snowboarding

mid-December–early April • activity

Most of the skiing resorts are located in the northern part of Utah. They offer varied terrain and facilities for every level of skier

St. George Marathon

October 06, 2018 • event

Rated in the top 20 marathons in the U.S. and among the fastest and most scenic marathons in the world