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The Maze, Canyonlands National Park

Most remote and difficult trail can become a true adventure for hikers


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This area covers the least accessible section of Canyonlands National Park. Travelling to the Maze is really challenging due to dangerous roads and trails. There is no food, no water and no gasoline along the road. You will need high clearance four-wheel-drive to reach the Maze. Be ready for a long drive as a vehicle won't be able to move faster than 5 km per hour.

Most of the hiking trails start from the road. You can also get to the area on a jet boat from Moab. Visitors usually spend from three days to a week hiking and camping in this area. Primitive remote trails lead into canyons and various spectacular viewpoints.

Some of the most popular spots include the Doll House, Maze Overlook, Land of Standing Rocks, Golden Stairs, Orange Cliffs. You will also find lots of unmarked routes, and many canyons look quite similar and hard to identify so a topographic map will be handy during this hike.

Every hiker on this trail should have basic climbing skills. Those who have the fear of height will find themselves uncomfortable along the way. Whoever wants to hike for more than a day will need a special permit. Spring and fall are the most popular months, during which the demand usually exceeds the available number of permits. If you plan a visit in one of these seasons, be sure to book your permit in advance.

Most weekends in spring (April–May) and autumn (October–November) rangers in The Maze run guided hikes in Horseshoe Canyon, so it's another reason to pick this time period for a visit.

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