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Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon

The stunning beauty of the Tsangpo Grand Canyon and its greatness will stay in your memory forever!


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The deepest in the world, Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is a gorgeous spot to visit. It stretches for 505 km from Daduka Village in the north to Pasighat Village in the south. Its northern altitude is 2,880 m, and in the south, it is 115 m lower.

Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon in Tibet - Best Season 2020

The average depth of the canyon is 2,268 m, while the deepest point is 6,009 m. Featuring high mountains and magnificent waterfalls, this place is one of the most stunning natural creations and is often called the most beautiful canyon in China.

Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon 2020
Yarlung Tsangpo Canyon

According to scientists, this canyon is a result of the Himalaya's movement and the flow of a river. It is also the biggest source of water vapour of the Tibetan plateau, and this fact influences the moisture level in this territory. Tsangpo Canyon features lush, dense forests and lots of wildlife.

You can access the canyon roughly from April through October, as the roads might close for the winter months. The best season to visit the canyon is from April to May and from September to October. There will be less rain and trekking is easier during this time. In spring the canyon will be all green, and the waterfalls will be more powerful, while during autumn months you can take some colourful pictures. Mornings and evenings are best to catch the perfect shot.

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