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Yolyn Am Canyon

Home to eagles, vultures, and wild sheep, the area is decorated by bright wildflowers in summer and covered in ice in winter

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Yolyn Am Canyon is a narrow cut carved by nature in the Gurvan Saikan Mountains. The beautiful hiking trail is located in the deep Mongolian wilderness, and though it takes quite some time to get through the seemingly endless steppe and grasslands, it is actually worth your time and effort. Apart from stunning landscapes and breathtaking scenery, the area is known for a great variety of wildlife. The name Yolyn Am, which literally means "valley of eagles," speaks for itself. Besides noble golden eagles, the area is home to vultures and wild mountainous sheep named Argali. In the summer you will be able to delight in the sight of wildflowers ornating the rocky outcrops, and in the cold season, ​you can ​walk among the thick ice formations which often happen to remain there even in summer. Nevertheless, one should better avoid the two coldest Mongolian months, namely December and January, though the rest are beautiful.

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