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Mongol Rally 2023

One of the greatest motor adventures of the world takes its route from the UK to Russian Ulan Ude, making a spectacular way through Mongolia

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Since 2004 this extravagant rally has inspired hundreds of enthusiasts, though not everyone made it to Mongolia. The idea behind the rally is that the participants are supposed to get the cheapest, least powerful car and manage to cover the 16,093.44 km (10,000 miles) route around Europe and Asia, finishing at the Russian Ulan Ude. There is no fixed track; time is the only limit. And the main point of this race is that nobody really knows how they are supposed to get to the finish line. While going through the urban areas and highways, drivers must obey the traffic rules. But in Mongolian Steppe, there are no rules at all! Since there are not that many bridges, people even cross the rivers on their vehicles. The organizers claim that after this adventure your life won't be the same. However, it is important to remember that this is a dangerous activity which follows ​along the phrase: "if nothing go​es wrong, everything has gone wrong,"—so prepare well before you start off.

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