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Monaco Grand Prix 2023

Formula One race time is nothing but speed, glamour, passion, noise, and a hint of danger because the cars are never too far away from the barriers


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The Monaco Grand Prix is probably the most complicated and most sought-after Formula One race. It gathers thousands of spectators each year and turns the not so quiet Monaco into a complete anthill. The track itself is so complex and troublesome that one needs some true courage, excellent driving skills, and technique to win the race. But, of course, every driver dreams of doing it. Once you've won the Monaco Grand Prix, you'll remain in the pages of history forever. Among the all-time greats that managed to do it even multiple times are Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart, both three times, Alain Prost did it four times, Michael Schumacher and Graham Hill—five times. But the absolute champion is the Brazilian racing legend Ayrton Senna with six wins. Aside from its complexity, the Grand Prix is also a very spectacular event that is ​worth seeing even if you're not a Formula One fan.

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