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Cheval Passion 2023

This equestrian event in Avignon is an elegant and original spectacle


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In winter, Cheval Passion and the warm atmosphere make Avignon the European capital of the equestrian world. This festival totally dedicated to horses and riding hosts riders and horse lovers from all around Europe. With over 1,000 horses, 250 exhibits, multiple shows, and animations the festival encompasses all facets of the equestrian world and showcases a number of different riding techniques. This festival includes various events like the Iberian Horse Masters, the International Market for Equestrian Performances, and Le Gala des Crinières d'Or—the highlight of Cheval Passion. If you visit this festival, you will be amazed by the beautiful horses, the skilled riders in fantastic costumes, and the wonderful shows that will make you forget it's Januar​y outside.

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