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Dublin Horse Show 2024

A prestigious equestrian competition with some of the richest prizes in the world

Dates: August 14-18, 2024

Dublin Horse Show
Dublin Horse Show

Since being first held back in 1864, the Horse Show has become one of Dublin's iconic events. Every year, world's best show horses and best international jockeys take part in one of Ireland's largest events, watched by tens of thousands of people.

Five-day showjumping event boasts both high-profile visitors and competitors. The prestigious Nations' Cup has many international teams competing for considerable money prizes. Many participants strive to get the famous Aga Khan Trophy. Traditionally, the main events of the show are held on Friday. Ladies' Day traditionally takes place on Thursday during the Horse Show week.

At the Dublin Horse Show, over 130 classes can generally be categorized into the three types of equestrian competitions: performance, showing, and showjumping classes. So if you are a fan of equestrian events, head to the Royal Dublin Society Arena to witness one of the greatest horse shows in the world.

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