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Horse Flat Racing Season in Edinburgh

Musselburgh Racecourse provides year round great racing action with 27 racedays

Horse Flat Racing Season
Horse Flat Racing Season
Horse Flat Racing Season

Musselburgh Racecourse provides year round great racing action with 27 racedays across the flat and jump racing season - weekend, midweek and evening. There's something for everyone from our biggest racedays including Ladies Day to our popular Family Racedays.

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What is the history behind Musselburgh Racecourse?

Established in 1816, Musselburgh Racecourse is one of Scotland's oldest racecourses with over 200 years of history. It has undergone numerous improvements throughout the years, including the switch to flat racing in 1991. Today, it remains a popular destination for horse racing enthusiasts. Show more

Which are the most popular racedays to attend during the season?

Musselburgh Racecourse hosts several highly-anticipated races every year. Some of the most popular ones include Stobo Castle Ladies Day, The Queen's Cup, and Braveheart Stakes. For visitors looking for entertainment options for the whole family, there are fun-filled days like Coast 2 Coast Festival Raceday, Easter Saturday Family Raceday, and September Weekend Family Raceday that are sure to delight. Show more

When is the best time to visit Edinburgh for horse racing?

The racing season in Edinburgh spans from April through September, making this period the best time to visit Edinburgh for horse racing events. During this season, visitors can witness several highly-anticipated races, especially during the summer. For those planning to attend, it's advisable to check the race schedule to determine which days are most suitable for their travel itinerary. Show more

Are there any special events or festivals hosted during the horse racing season?

Musselburgh Racecourse is not just about horse racing - it also hosts several events and festivals during the season. One of the most significant of these is the Stobo Castle Ladies Day, which is a major social event in Edinburgh. Other events include the Summer Carnival, which is ideal for families with kids, and the open-air cinema where visitors can enjoy popular films while relaxing on a picnic blanket against the picturesque backdrop. Show more

Where can visitors find accommodations near Musselburgh Racecourse?

Visitors to Musselburgh Racecourse looking for accommodation options can choose from several hotels, bed and breakfasts, and holiday rentals. These options cater to different budgets and preferences. Alternatively, visitors can opt to stay in nearby towns such as Musselburgh, Tranent, or Dalkeith, which are within convenient driving distance (20-minutes or less) of the racecourse. Show more

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