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La Festa de's Cavall 2024

Watch this gorgeous dance of horses

Dates: August 28

La Festa de's Cavall
La Festa de's Cavall

Spaniards love horses. They may even be the best riders, which can be proven during one of the Festivals of Horses. On the 28th of August the village of Ses Salines celebrates the Festa de Cavall, organized by the Horse Riding Association. This event is an homage to the Menorcan traditional equestrian parade "Jaleo."

Before the festival starts, horsemen visit local civil and religious authorities to ask for a permission. Afterwards, they head to the Plaza de Sant Bartomeu and begin their show. Jaleo is a technique for making a horse dance for several hours to the same repeating music. Thus professional equestrians saddle horses, and when the orchestra starts playing Aragonese folk, they make horses dance on their hind legs right in front of the spectators. After the performance, the more common celebration begins with music, dancing, and wine drinking.

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