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Nagqu Horse Racing Festival 2023

Real competitive spirit and unique performances are combined in one colorful event

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Every year when the pastures are lush and green, and the horses are stout and strong, the Tibetan people celebrate the Horse Racing Fair in the Northern city of Nagqu. It is a unique festival held in the grazing area of Tibet between mid-July and mid-August. Although this festival is an annual event, a truly large celebration happens every two or three years.

The event includes horse and yak racing. Interestingly, horses and yaks are treated like real celebrities. They usually wear colourful costumes, various jewels, and ornaments. The competitions are kind of a test of controlling the ability of the rider and power and stability of the horse. There are short and long distance races. Horsemanship includes arrow shooting competitions, target practice, chopping, and more.

When the sun goes down the celebration continues with the singing and dancing around the fire. Such events are held in various places in July and August.

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