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Best time of year to visit Vietnam

As the country is deemed to be a year-round destination, the best time to visit Vietnam depends on a region you are visiting. From May to November, the southern part sees short afternoon downpours, and between December and April—the most pleasant weather when you can enjoy Phu Quoc beaches or witness flowers blooming in the Mekong Delta. In the north, you'll experience a bit cooler temperatures, especially from January to March. Late winter is also the time of Tet (Lunar New Year) celebrations. This time is perfect for exploring Halong Bay and rice terraces of Sa Pa. Summers are hot and humid up north. Central coast areas are best from February to August, and typhoons hit the seashore in October–November.


Ma Pi Leng Pass

mid-October–mid-November • activity

One of the four steepest and highest passes in Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng is also the most beautiful one

Ha Long Bay

October–April • activity

Literally meaning the "Bay of Descending Dragons", this is one of the top tourist destinations in Vietnam

Trekking Around Sa Pa

March–May | September–November • activity

The beautiful Sa Pa district is the capital of markets and natural beauty

Conquering Fansipan

mid-October–mid-November | March • activity

Also known as the Roof of Indochina, the Fansipan mountain trek is a challenge, but definitely one of a kind!

Buckwheat Bloom Season

late October–November • nature

Tam Giac Mach, Triangular circuit flower or simply buckwheat is covering the northern mountaineous area of Vietnam with a stuning pinkish carpet of bloom

Rice Harvest Season

September–October • food

The mountainous district Mu Cang Chai is located at 1,000 meters above the sea level and offers some spectacular scenery during the rice harvest season

Scuba Diving

November–February | March–July • activity

The beautiful and perfect for scuba diving Con Dao archipelago, the island welcomes you to see its rich marine life

Wild Sunflowers Blooming

October–mid-November • nature

The mesmerizing wild sunflowers will catch your eye along the road from D'ran or Lien Khuong to Da Lat

Forest Bitter Melon Season

September–November • food

A fruit widely used in Asian cooking that might seem odd and too bitter in taste

Beach Season on Phu Quoc

November–July • activity

Visit the beautiful Phu Quoc island with its white sandy beaches and dry weather

Surfing Experience

August–December • activity

Since Vietnam is a country of three weather systems, when rains are flooding one part, there is perfect wind for surfing in another one!

Vietnamese Coffee Harvest

November–February • food

Coffee is one of the major modern exports and one of the favourite delicacies in Vietnam. However, the harvest is still​ a traditional activity here that highlights the tremendous and diverse cultural heritage of the country

Milk Flowers Blooming Season

September–October • nature

The distinctive flowers of unique shape soak the area with pleasant fragrance


October–April • activity

Visit Xuan Thuy National Park in winter to see a lot of migrating birds that come here in search of comfortable climate

Cauliflower Blooming Season

late October–early November • nature

Cauliflower may not be the most romantic plant to fascinate with its bloom, but you'll change your mind when you see the Moc Chau's fields covered with wonderful white bloom

Terminalia Catappa Harvest Season

March–September | November • food

The tree considered to be a relic plant usually gives fruit that can become a tasty delicacy

Sesame Fortune Flower or Lộc Vừng

late May–early June | late October–early November • nature

The hanging down flowers are especially fragrant at night and bloom twice a year only


Elephant Racing Festival

March (TBA) 2019 • event

People of Tay Nguyen treat elephants as friends that help with everything around

Stunning Dalat Waterfalls

April–September • activity

The Dalat waterfalls are a true forty meters high miracle of nature with the multiple cascades and green scenery around

Cow Racing Festival

October 08–10, 2018 • event

Marking the last day of Khmer year, the festival is dedicated to ancestors and is a mix of solemn peaceful celebration and full of adrenaline festive activities

Mekong Delta Fruit Season

April–May • food

The best and most unique fruits are available during this season

Tet or Lunar New Year

February 05, 2019 • event

The most famous and most important holiday in Vietnam that brings lots of joy and happiness to people celebrating the new Lunar year!

Hoi An Lantern Full Moon Festival

October 22, 2018 | November 21, 2018 | December 20, 2018 • event

Most Vietnamese holidays are celebrated according to the Lunar Calendar which has a full moon cycle. The full moon festival hence is of a big meaning and is a monthly event in Hoi An

Nghinh Ong Festival

September 25, 2018 • event

Whale worshiping festival opens the big fish catching season

Hang Son Doong

February–August • nature

The world's largest cave located on the border with Laos takes several days to explore

Fire Dancing Festival

February 08–February 09 • event

A performance dedicated to the Fire and Water gods includes dancing in the fire and giving offerings

Peach Blossom Season

December–February • nature

Sa Pa is beautiful all year round, but winters are definitely unique

Clay Firecracker Festival

September 12, 2018 • event

The yearly festival of breaking 50 kg clay firecrackers by throwing them to the ground

Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival

September 18, 2018 • event

To worship the Water Goddess, people of Do Son district organize the buffalo fighting festival

Nem Thuong Pig-Chopping Festival

February 10, 2019 • event

One of the most notorious festivals in the world, the pig-chopping festival in Nem Thuong raises both approval and criticism

Kate Festival or Lễ hội Katê

October 08–10, 2018 • event

The unique festival of Cham ethnic minority group Kate that expresses their respect to the gods by colourful performance

Ooc Om​ Boc Festival

November 21–22, 2018 • event

The celebration of Khmer ethnic group dedicated to the deity of moon

Co Loa Citadel Festival

February 10–20, 2019 • event

The festival of celebrating the foundations of the royal palace

Mango Season

March–April | May–September  • food

The big and juicy fruit that is a perfect refreshment for summer heat

Banh Chung for Tet

February 05, 2019 • food

A special treat for Vietnamese New Year holiday season

Mekong Delta Flower Season

late January–March • nature

The period of spring in Mekong Delta is perfect for enjoying the best views

Flamboyant Blooming Season

May–July • nature

When thousands of flamboyant trees planted across Hai Phong bloom, it is a true sign of summer

Da Nang International Fireworks Competition

April 30–June 30, 2018 • event

Da Nang hosts a competition of the world-class firework shows and calls it 'Symphony of Colours'

Plum Blossom Season

late March–early May • nature

The beautiful white bloom adorns the rural areas in the north of Vietnam

Rhododendron Blooming Season

April • nature

The "Kingdom the Rhododendron" of Hoang Lien National Park and in Fansipan mountain vicinity boast the best views of this stunning red and white flower

Sa Pa Flowers Bloom Season

February–March • nature

Sa Pa is beautiful whenever you come. It's​ natural uniqueness cannot leave anyone without emotions, especially when it is in flowering bloom

Red-Headed Cranes Watching

January–May • activity

The watery canal-like Tram Chim National Park in Mekong Delta attracts tourists yearly to enjoy the views of flora and fauna, with the hero of the area – red-headed crane

Cay Neu—Special Feature of Tet!

February 05, 2019 • activity

One of the traditional decorations for Tet is the bamboo tree planted in front of the house

Plants for Tet

February 04–08, 2019 • event

The tradition to decorate houses and streets for Lunar New Year turns Vietnam into a colourful spectacle

Vietnam Mountain Marathon

September 22–23, 2018 • event

The marathon with the most beautiful route

Сoffee Blooming Season

March • nature

Coffee is not only a perfect drink, but also it blooms with amazing white flowers

Tro Tram Festival

February 27, 2018 • event

The festival of sexuality and love that has taken a quite vivid turn

Giong Festival

May 22–23, 2018 • event

One of the most important festivals in Hanoi commemorates a great hero in Vietnam's mythodology

Cempedak Season

June–August • food

With a hint of durian and sweet strong aroma, the sausage-shaped fruit is a must try in Vietnam!

Khau Vai Love Market

April 22 • event

The most romantic place that you will ever see. It is a place for those who cannot be together anymore to meet again

Ban Flowers Blooming Season

March • nature

Each year Dien Bien in the north-west gets beautifully​ decorated with the bloom of the ban flowers