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Birdwatching in Vietnam

Visit Xuan Thuy National Park in winter to see a lot of migrating birds that come here in search of comfortable climate

Best time: October–April


Xuan Thuy National Park is a beloved place for many migratory birds in winter, where they come to avoid cold weather, and also in summer through autumn when the birds are looking for less hot and humid places. The birds you might see are pelicans, spoonbills, short beak black head, redshanks and many ​others.

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What types of birds can be found at Xuan Thuy National Park?

More than 200 species of birds can be found at Xuan Thuy National Park including rare migratory birds like spoonbills and pelicans. Other birds like short beak black head, redshanks, sandpipers, and many more can also be spotted by visitors. Show more

What is the ideal time of year to visit Vietnam for birdwatching?

The best time to visit Vietnam for birdwatching is during the cool and dry October to April period. During this season, visitors can witness the glory of Xuan Thuy National Park with a fantastic sighting of rare species of birds. Show more

Where is Xuan Thuy National Park situated?

Located in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam, Xuan Thuy National Park is situated in the area where the Red River flows into the Gulf of Tonkin. The park is about 150 km Southeast of Vietnam's capital, Hanoi and is an ideal spot for a wide variety of bird species, rare fish, and mangrove forests. Show more

What is the climate like in Vietnam during the October-April season?

October to April marks the cool and dry season in Vietnam. The weather ranges from 15-25°C, and the humidity remains low throughout. With no rain during this period, the skies remain clear, making it the perfect time to visit Xuan Thuy National Park and watch birds in their natural habitats. Show more

Apart from birdwatching, what other activities can visitors engage in at Xuan Thuy National Park?

Besides birdwatching, visitors can explore the unique ecosystem of mangrove forests by taking a boat ride or cycling to the nearby Nam Dinh city. The park houses many trails, bridges, wooden observatories, and historic places like Lâm Đồng temple, providing stunning views of exotic bird species. Show more

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